Saturday, October 01, 2005

More from Miami

I left for Miami on Friday, to be the one man advance team for show setup. The general idea is to get there before everyone else and make sure there are no surprises in store. My first big surprise was when I arrived at the hotel. My reservation was for a double/double non-smoking room. And because I am the group coordinator booking out the bulk of a hotel, I'm expecting an upgrade on the side. So when I checked into my king smoking wheelchair accessible room with no closet or dresser, I was a bit annoyed. Please see pics below.

I went down to the front desk to "kindly" inform them that I am the group coordinator that booked out their hotel, and they messed up my reservation, and maybe they have a room available for me in the corner on a higher floor. They kindly let me know that they didn't mess up my reservation, and that they put me in a nice room. Strike 1. Strike 2 and 3 came when they messed up my bosses' reservation and another group member's reservation, and still charged MY credit card for it. (All money has since been returned to my card, but it was not fun to find a $700 unexpected charge on my DEBIT card!)

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  1. Dude. You got robbed. Don't they know anything?


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