Wednesday, October 19, 2005


As Seen at the DMV
-Man in blue running suit and t-shirt carrying a "man bag." A lovely, black leather, with little silver clasps, man bag. Clearly NOT a briefcase. At least he was carrying it with the long strap, and not hooking it over his shoulder with the little two straps.
-Nice looking woman with her 5 teenagers who were clearly old enough to be home alone. And they behaved as if they really wanted to be at home. Who drags teenagers around against their will??
-Haggard looking younger woman with her 3 children. Why do people take so many children to a place where it is expected you will sit in line for HOURS? Say it with me- BABYSITTER. Become friends with the lady and the 5 teenagers. Do each other a favor.

Update on the "List"
It was a simple day for me. I remove them all from the list. Tomorrow I start all anew with guys. I invite the world to bring it on and impress me with decent guys!

Random Musings
I have not had carbs since Saturday night. I miss carbs. Carbs are evil, but I love them.

I updated the links page. I added a few new people who have been commenting or linking me. Check them out!

Hey, Blake STILL hasn't posted anything. What's up with that?


  1. girl, carbs aren't evil.

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Would you like to burn off some carbs later on tonight through heavy aerobic activity, deep breathing exercises, yoga, candles, and relaxing?

  3. You have to be a food racist. WHITE carbs are evil because they have oppressed the dark, whole grain carbs for centuries and enslaved them for use in nefarious "healthy" items that taste like carboard. Down with white carbs!


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