Thursday, October 13, 2005

Responsible Me Bores Me

I was reading on another blog (Hardy's) his feelings on being responsible, etc. It struck a chord in me. The last few weeks I have had to put the fun aside and just be the Responsible Me. Responsible Me is not very fun. She works long hours and goes home on Friday nights to sleep and do laundry and other responsible things. She doesn't get out much during show season. You would think the Real Me would get to bust loose on the weekends, but she doesn't. Real Me is far too closely related to Responsible Me which means her outside of the office life she has responsibilities too.
Something else I have noticed is that when Responsibile Me is done taking over, Real Me has an uphill battle getting back into the social swing of things. The singles social scene around here moves so fast that just 3 or 4 weeks out of the loop is a death sentance. Five weeks ago I was busy every single night. Life was very very social. But just a few weeks of being forced to act like an adult and suddenly no one knows my name, the invites have stopped coming in, and Real Me has to start hunting for friends again.
The lifecycle of a friendship in the singles world is very complex. Some people you meet and you just know you will be friends. Your social circle quickly involves the other person, and you do tons together. I call these people Real Friends. Other people just happen into your social circle because they are friends of your Real Friends. I call these Cousin-like Friends. (Which are not the same as Cousin Friends, because Cousin Friends are friends that are also real cousins. Cousin-like Friends come and go quickly, but you invite them places and they invite you. And then there's...

Hmm... I think I will stop here. I think I feel a column coming on out of this little rant. Jules, what do you think?


  1. Which friends in the Mormon world kiss ?? Are Mormons allowed to kiss ?

    Help us non-mormons with some data please.

  2. i think big brother must first reveal his identity- to me at least.
    and yes, mormons can kiss. but do friends ever kiss? doesn't kissing someone take them off the friends list and move them to at least friends-with-benefits. and hey, i'll take the benefits anyday.

  3. I know what you mean! Moving in the singles world is like a death sentence at times, too. Breaking into a new ward when living alone for the first time (i.e., no roommates to cajole to go along with you or to cajole you--or to hang out with minus invitations elsewhere)--anyway, that requires social energy that I find I often lack, given all the Responsible Me duties at work and home. Leaves little energy for the rest. But energy expended often = social energy returning.


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