Tuesday, October 11, 2005

technical difficulties

so i have been suffering massive technical difficulties over the last 2 weeks. my laptop gave up the ghost the day i arrived in miami. and then it took IT several attempts to decide it couldn't be fixed. so ask of 2 hours ago, i finally have been reunited with my hard drive installed into a newer laptop.

here's what you've missed in my non-blogging while we all suffered from my technical difficulties.

ausa finally ended with considerably less drama than it began. (more to come on that subject.)

i cleaned out my closet. its amazing the things we will resort to doing when we don't have internet at home.

my cousin katrina's wedding. see pic below.

more thoughts on mormon weddings and festivities to follow soon. and lots of pics of the extended family.

the foo-eezer concert. foo fighters, weezer, and kaiser chiefs all in one beautiful concert during which i discovered the joys of puking in a public restroom during a rock concert. after the plague came out of me the thought of what i was doing made me so sick that i did it all over again. but the company was fabulous- kelli, joy, jason, heretofore to be known collectively as j2k.

and a little deal i made with blake that if i didn't get my laptop back by noon today i would let him be a guest blogger.

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