Friday, October 21, 2005

Time to Strike

OK..The Official OWNER of this blog is down with a temporary case, of a fatal disease.

The Bird Flu. Only 98 percent of those who have the Bird Flu actually die, so lets all wish EA a speedy recovery. Hopefully since she is the first case of the actual Bird Flu in the United States, we will see more of her on the news. I personally enjoy the thought of Miss. EA as some kind of a test case for all kinds of experiments and probing.

Her sacrifice will result in good for all mankind.

Now having said all that...I am going to offer up a service here.....The guys that read this Blog at times are subjected to numerous beatings at the hands of very nice lady's, who because of major surges of misplaced estrogen, attack men for no reason. I mean come on....the guy sent a smiley face! I have a duty here.

Also, I won a bet that if something did not happen, then I could be a guest blogger for a session. I have one shot at posting a Guest Article. Well I had issues with that, so I actually need 2 shots at posting. So stay tuned.

Part One. Why Women Give Bad Dating Advise.
Part Two. How to NOT date a Nice Girl.

As a warning, if the term vaginamony (a hybrid term for Alimony) offends, then my writings, while Pulitzer Quality, will not be for you.


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  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Isn't there a great Tom Petty song called "Learning to Fly"? And, well, shouldn't you learn to fly, and if you did you would have flown or flew? Like a bird? Bird flew? Or is that the Pink Floyd song with the Native American in the video who jumps off a cliff and goes flying. Who knew birds flew? Just, well, don't die.


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