Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Unexpected Emotional Surprises

You never know when life is suddenly going to flip your world upside down and change the course of tomorrow. Just when you think each day will greatly resemble the last will probably be just about the time that life will choose to play one of its cruel tricks on you. Without going into much detail, something that I thought was hidden and buried deeply in the past came back to bite me in the butt. I've been very upset and emotional over this little event. I could write for hours about this dark event from my past and how much I have learned and grown from it. But I'd rather tell you about the more valuable lesson I learned tonight. No matter how difficult life is, how hard things are, dismal, dark, gray, and sad, there will always be someone who has it worse. A few hours ago, maybe even just a few minutes ago, I would have told you that I take the prize for worst emotional experiences in a day. But I've learned my lesson now.
Every day I read through my "blog roll" on the left, from top to bottom, Mike to Maggie May. I end my routine with Rebekah and Maggie May each day on purpose, because reading about these two little darlings, who are both suffering from rare forms of cancer, somehow puts my day and life into perspective. Its hard to take yourself too seriously when you read about the pain and suffering that a little 3 yr old is enduring with a smile. Both little girls live in Oregon and are complete strangers to me, but I have become very attached to both of them over the past few months. The one thing I had to come to accept when I first began reading about them was that some day they may succumb to their horrible diseases. As of right now Rebekah is holding strong, but still a very sick little girl. Maggie May had a bone marrow transplant a few months ago, but her body has rejected it. Medically she has done her best, but her options have now ended. As of the last posting on her blog today they have removed her from all medications except her pain pump, an indication that she will soon be freed from her earthly struggles.
Just when I think that my life is difficult, hard, or trying, I can't even imagine what it must take for her young parents (having seen their pictures on her blog, I know they can't be any older than me) to have to make such emotionally difficult decisions and watch their first born child die from such an awful disease.
I don't want to have to relive what I sorted through today, but realizing that while it may be hard, things can always be much much worse.


  1. What a sweet post.
    I know, sometimes things just really suck and aren't fair. I'm sorry that issue re-surfaced for you.

  2. Jules1:26 PM

    You have to stop telling me about Maggie May. Every time I read about her here, I go to her blog and wind up in tears. She's just about Andi's age, you know, and just as cute. I'm keeping her family in my prayers.


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