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Tara's Page

Tara's Page

Tara just frightens me at times. I love it. But she frightens me.

I get tired just thinking about it

Its been craziness around here again! Its nearly 7 pm and I'm still at job #1. (aka the REAL job) I have learned all over again that "the only thing constant is change." Nothing ever stays the same, unless you really hate it, and then it never goes away. But if you like it, expect it to change.

The thoughts running through my mind---

1. Red Arrow's mother is going through chemo right now. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. (and Red Arrow too!)
2. Today I am grateful for patience. Not my own patience, but the patience that other's offer me. Amazingly, the conflict that I have been going through with my co-worker (known as "not playing well together" and 'trouble in the sandbox") seems to have finally been resolved today. I truly hate confrontation, but gave in and suffered through it today. I think we have finally FINALLY found some common ground. It may have been fake and forced, but he tried to be polite and nice to me today. And the o…
you know your life is exciting when you spend your holiday weekend deep cleaning your ceiling fans.

la vie boheme

for a while now i have had to answer the same question over and over again. "when will your next book come out?" i always want to give the sarcastic answer, "well, it took me 29.5 years to get the first one written and published, and i was unemployed at the time with nothing better to do. so just give it a few weeks and i'm sure i can whip something up."
but in all seriousness, i'm not sure what i want to write about. it was fun writing silly chick lit. but the truth is, i don't even like to read silly chick lit myself. i like substance, depth, and more mature subjects. (not to say i don't have a few guilty pleasures.) i know that i would like to write a book with more mainstream (aka non-mormon) appeal to it. the mormon market is way too confining, and there's a lot more money to be made elsewhere. i'm too liberal and racy for the mormon market and way too conservative for the mass market.
but it is the moral ambiuities in the com…

Tidbits (or maybe leftovers, since it is a big food holiday)

1. I saw Pride and Prejudice the Keira Knightly version. Beautiful movie, amazing scenery. Keira Knightley makes a wonderful Lizzie. Other than that, I really did NOT like the movie. How dare they change the ending to Jane Austen!?!?!

2. Maybe it wasn't very apparent by what I say on the blog, but I just haven't been in the mood to date lately. But I got back in the mood today. Bring on the men. Preferably the smart, intelligent, kind, loving, and interesting men.

3. I am even more excited for the trip to BeNeLux. I was just bloghopping and realized that Gwen was in Paris last week, and Joy and Jason are in Italy this week. Somehow having friends abroad, is making me itchy to get abroad myself.

4. Tomorrow is my SR-86 day. I have devoted the entire day to finishing my security background paperwork. If you are reading this and by any chance were an old roommate of mine in the last ten years, and you remember our address, can you send it to me please? (It is entir…

Apparently Being the Nice One Runs in the Family (or adventures in turkey)

So the day started out as completely as expected. I went to Fredneck last night to hang out with the family and help with the food preparation. (I made a pecan pie- my first, and an apple. Wonderfully good!) As completely expected we got an hour late start on the road to Buena Vista. And also completely expected, we weren't the last ones to arrive. Now, from my point of view, when we got to the church in BV, I was surprised to see that all of the tables already had table clothes and centerpieces on them. That was odd because each family was supposed to bring their own table stuff. But whatever, right? So we go in, everyone got there, and we started eating. About ten minutes later, I noticed a woman I have never seen before standing in the doorway, possibly speaking loud enough for the entire room to hear. One of my aunts got up to go talk to her. A few minutes later my dad went into the hall with my aunt and the lady. And then he announced that someone somehow had dou…

Brought to You by the Letters EA and J

Our column, "A Single Thought," is running a day early this week thanks to the holiday. I personally think its pretty funny stuff. So if you are in need of a little holiday reading material, I suggest- .

As Seen in B&N

40ish man with shoulder length bleached blonde, permed wavy hair, and curled bangs (clearly curled with a blow dryer), in classic mullet style, wearing a yellow polo shirt with turned up collar, under a white sweatshirt, and acid jeans, with docksider shoes- no socks. Asked me for the tapes and music section. I really hope he was in costume or something.

Hot Lunches

The other night I was talking to my mother and we stumbled upon a conversation about foods that some mothers won't make for their children. One friend of mine (I don't know if she'd like her name shared in this story) won't make spaghetti, and never has in her marriage. In her family, they only ate spaghetti when their dad was out of work. So it has negative connotations to her, so she doesn't make it. My grandmother (Mom's mom) was raised to believe that making sandwiches and cereal wree a sign of a bad mother. A good mother makes her children home-cooked meals. My mother's sister doesn't make her children sandwiches either. My mom, however, has no problem with it. On Sunday night I said I was hungry and she told me there was food for a sandwich in the kitchen. I kindly reminded her that I don't consider sandwiches to be real food. I grew up on hot lunches. Not because Mom didn't believe in not making them for us, but because she nev…

The Big Day Is Coming

I have never been a big fan of Thanksgiving. I see and respect the importance of the holiday. But ever since my family passed 30 grandchildren, large family gatherings just haven't been the same. A few years ago I started finding other things to do on the Big Day of Turkey. For instance, one year I went to London. Another year, Prague. Sometimes I just made sure I was "stuck" working at the fire department. But on the bright side, going out of the country for Thanksgiving always makes me grateful to be an American.
Gigantic family holidays (you can't call them "big family gatherings" when there's over 50 people there) lost their appeal for me when we outgrew houses. My family is now so big, and there are so many of us living in Virginia (and apparently none of us ever go visit our other side of the family relatives on holidays), that we can't all fit into one house without causing damage to the foundation. So for the last several holidays we …

Lessons Learned Today

1. There are adult women who will bring a bag of Cheetos as her contribution to a large Thanksgiving dinner.
2. French Onion soup works great for flavoring a turkey.
3. Reese Witherspoon can sing.
4. People will rise to the occasion and amaze you with their heartfelt charitable donations.
5. It is possible to collect over 40 large garbages full of clothing donations in less than 1 week.
6. I can operate on an average of four hours of sleep per night, and still work 17 hours a day.
7. I only wish I spent more time getting dressed for work than I do commuting.
8. When you least expect it, your heart will remember something it forgot.
9. Tara is a groupie.
10. Most adults are incapable of RSVPing to an event.


Movies Recently Seen:
Jarhead (WOW)
Harry Potter (as perfect as expected!)
Walk the Line (i want to grow up and be june carter cash)

Movies Left to See:
Pride and Prejudice
King Kong

Thank goodness for 4 day weekends!

Blogging on the run

Yesterday started fairly normal. Got up, went to work. But then things got strange. I parked my car, took the keys, got out. And then noticed that my car was still running. Hmm... Double check that yes, I have the keys in my hand, and the car is still running. Okay, that just can't be good. Ran inside, gave co-worker quick notification, and went to the mechanic. 6 hours and $280 dollars later my car is turning off and on like a normal car again.
Worked all day. Got a turkey. (Some companies give Christmas bonuses, we get gigantic turkeys.) And while I would like to vent about certain things going on here (i.e.- cranky people, egos, gossip, and the icicles hanging from my nose) I have been asked not to now. So I won't. But trust me, there would have been some good stuff there.
Ran to other job. Somehow when I agreed to work 10 hours a week on a set Monday and Thursday schedule, in the receiving department only, I actually thought that was what I would do. But wh…

No List

Can you believe it? I have no list. None. At all. That almost never happens. I'm so bored with myself.

The other great tourist site is the gigantic atom

Counting down the days to Brussels...

I can't believe one of the main tourist sites is the "Manneken Pis." And I can't believe I actually want to go see this thing.

Dark Belgian Chocolate

Just bought my tickets to go to Brussels for Christmas. Traveling companions Jason and Tara. Destinations: Brussels, Belgium (home of Beautiful Beverli) and Bamberg, Germany (home of Tara's hot cousin Spencer). Can't wait!!

Schedule of Insanity

Sunday- flight at 7 am- land 9ish
Straight to part-time job to get schedule for the week. Discover on schedule for that night. (Um, could have sworn I told them I didn't do Sundays!)
Straight to parents' house. Make lunch for missionaries. Do 3 loads of laundry.
Rush to make 4:15 Singles Council meeting. Traffic was so bad it takes 45 minutes to go 6 miles.
Go straight from meeting to pt job. Work till 11.
(Meet lots of new co-workers, make new friend with Santha. Give her ride home, discover she's also LDS. What were the odds? Really?)
Monday- work at "real job" from 8:30-5. Work at part-time job from 6:30-12.
Tuesday- work at "real job" from 8:30-5. Work at part-time job from 6:30-12.
Wednesday- work at "real job from 8:30-whenever I finish? Call all singles in my ward and invite them to activity on Saturday. Do press release stuff for church. Unpack. Eat. Sleep. Catch up on 2 weeks worth of TV shows on TiVo, and "LOST" ni…

6 Inches Later

I cut 6 inches off of my hair. That's all.

Its fun being back in Orlando again. There's been some serious reminiscing about what my life was like while living here. Yesterday I went up to my old neighborhood and drove around. I thought I would find some favorite old hanut and go there for lunch. As I drove around I realized I didn't have a favorite restaurant in the area. I was too poor back then to eat out very often. I had a "growing" experience in the time I lived here. It was not the easiest time of my life living here, starting out at rock bottom, and quite frankly, ending it at rock bottom, but a lot more secure. But one good thing that came out of it was while working in the chocolate shop I had the time and chance to write a book.
So now back in Orlando I am recreating all of the necessary elements to write a book again. Chocolate (from Farris and Fosters of course), too much Diet Coke, and enough quiet personal time to get the extraneous detai…

More Things I Love About This Trip

1. Team Sweden
2. The shirt worn by the Neenah, WI PD SWAT Team. It read, "Behold the Power of Cheese," on the back over a very scary looking piece of SWAT cheese. Who knew there was SWAT cheese??
3. How many guys will actually go get me a diet soda in exchange for a free tee shirt. I'm not saying I really did do this. It was just fun to see how many of them would try.
4. I get to go visit my old chocolate shop tomorrow! Farris and Fosters for everyone!
5. Still loving the ragtop Jeep. I may just be a Jeep girl at heart. Heaven knows I am NOT a Pontiac Bonneville girl at heart (my current vehicle for all of you cyber-only friends).

I'm really enjoying all the commentary on the blog these days. A few responses to responses-
Big Brother- I am not wierd. Just quirky, and rather obsessed with making people like me. I can't help it.
Justin- Between pillows and chicken, I am officially grossed out.
Jules- Don't forget to play nice!

Absolute Torture

So as previously mentioned I am off on a business trip in Orlando, FL at the World SWAT Round Up. As business trips go this one is just fine. As single girls at an event with 500 SWAT guys go, this is absolute torture. Do you have any idea how fun and at the same time torturous it is to be surrounded by hundreds of SWAT guys all day??
I'm rather infatuated with Team Sweden, although Pinellas Park PD has a few good men on it too.
Torture I tell you. Absolute torture. Hundreds of them, just swarming around, all focused on their same da*n mission, paying no attention to the few women in their presence. Just so not fair.
I have decided to repeal my personal ban on dating cops, fire fighters, medics, and other related persons. Particularly ones from Sweden. And Pinellas Park. (And can someone PLEASE tell me what state that is in?)
Completely gratuitous pictures of SWAT guys in tight shirts and BDU's to be posted next week.

And thank you Red Arrow for entertaining the masses…

Why Women Give Bad Dating Advice

This is for the guys who read this…or, perhaps for the guys that make the lists so often talked about .

Have you ever noticed that the worst advice you get about winning women over usually comes from women themselves? Women are famous for not knowing what they want. They keep lists that change with their mood. A list on Monday at 3 will not be the same list on Monday at 4.

They say they want a nice guy, but follow jerks like lemmings. They say they want flowers, poems and gifts, but get turned off if the wrong guy sends them one. I want flowers! But not from Yoooouuuu!

Clearly they don't understand their needs, and their triggers. Clearly they are confused.
Guys have to learn to wade through the deluge of useless feminine advice to find the real nuggets of wisdom.

Advice to make more friends
The female friends in your life will often tell you to lay all your feelings out on the table. "Tell her how you feel," "Be a nice guy" and "Don't try to sleep with her …

Best Conversation I've Had All Day

A real conversation held today with a male friend who shall remain nameless until everyone has guessed who he is so I can mock him even more. (we were discussing a possible international vacation)

Friend: sounds good. but i hear my pillow calling.. and she sounds sad

Mee: um, i really really love these pictures of bamberg. i want to go there!

Friend: sounds good, i'm down for whatever

Me: go keep your pillow company. (and i'll try not to mock that your pillow has a gender.)

Friend: if my pillow was a guy.. that would be bad

I didn't know pillows had genders. I'm so amused!

Top Ten Things I Love About This Trip So Far

I've been in Florida less than 48 hours and I already have a list of things to love about being here.

1. My rental car is a ragtop Jeep.
2. Tomorrow morning (and all subsequent mornings hereafter) I'll be able to say, "I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night." (Business travelers will understand the joy of staying in a Holiday Inn Express. Free internet, free breakfast, big rooms, nice bathrooms, etc.)
3. Hanging with Jules and co.
4. Andi (Jules' progeny) asking to go shoe shopping at Target.
5. Hearing Cali read from a book.
6. Andi attempting to show up her big sister by "reading" from a book. It was more of a song and dance she performed for several minutes.
7. Visiting my old Orlando church and seeing the old friends.
8. Steak n Shake
9. The weather.
10. Thinking only vendors would be at the show today (and no attendees) during setup and wearing my new "I heart what's his name" t-shirt, and getting more than my fair share of …

Punkins at 900 mph

Do you know what a pumpkin looks like flying by at 900 miles per hour? Me neither. Joy, Jason, (the J2), and I drove out to the middle of nowhere Delaware today to see the great 2005 Punkin Chunkin. Somehow I was envisioning pumpkin carnage, explosions, kabooms, and flying orange bombs. But it turns out the punkins chunk at 900 mph out of all sorts of interesting cannons and "sling shots." You can't really see a pumpkin as it flies by that fast. So we gave up before too long and decided to see what there is too see in the tax-free state. The ocean, J.Crew, LL Bean, the Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, and a few other economy supporting activities filled the remaining 12 hours of our day. All I have can say is 1 pair of pants and 4 shirts for less than $30 thanks to clearance sales and no sales tax.
Next stop- Chez Caldwell! Jules and EA reunited. :-)

At Least I'm Honest With Myself

It has been a rough week again. Most of it was my own fault, which I freely admit. I worked 45 hours at Beretta, 13 at the other place (which forbids me from using their name on a personal website), visited my mother, and paid a little visit to the volunteer fire department. Which basically means I worked 830-530 at one place, 7-mid at the other place, commuted the hour each way, and got precious little sleep. But that isn't necessarily why I had a rough week.

It was rough because I had to have my eyes opened on a few different fronts. I wanted really really bad to keep my eyes closed. Sometimes denial is your only friend! It turns out I am far more naive than I thought. And I hate to say this part (but since you are all hear for the entertainment and drama, i'll give you your little fix), it was because of a misunderstanding over Guy #1. Some people thought they had it figured out who he is. Which was a surprise to me, and as a result I had to think about why they thought tha…

List Update- If you can achieve puberty, you can achieve a past.

I have revised the "List," mostly out of necessity. Guy #1 remains in the same position he's always been in. I should mention here that he's only #1 because he's been on the list for so long now, not because he's so great that he's #1 with me. If anything he deserves last place for managing to take so freaking long. The previous guy #2 is surprisingly playing the dark horse card now. My guess is someone is feeding him insider's information, but he's doing better than originally expected. He's not sending me smiley faces anymore, which is a huge improvement. Guy #3 is off the list for inactivity purposes. But rather than confuse anyone by replacing him, or maybe because I'm hoping he comes back into play, his player number is not getting reassigned. The application for #4 has finally been accepted. I was in denial over allowing him on to the list for a while there, but since the worst thing I have to say about him is "he has a…

I Don't Smell a Thing

The Washington Post ran the most interesting article on Tuesday, "I Don't Smell a Thing." To me this was a life-changing article, but to the rest of you it may just seem odd. The narrator of this article explains his life without a sense of smell, and how he has discovered a clinic that is working with him to see if he can ever get a sense of smell [and taste]. I have NEVER met another person in my entire life who has this same problem as me! I was literally jumping up and down in my chair as I read the article. Someone else out there has actually said, "At least I can't smell farts." This may seem strange to you, but to me, I have found a kindred spirit.
I don't remember much about smells before I was 13. But I do clearly remember babysitting my baby brother around that age, when my mother came home one day and said "why doesn't someone change that stinky baby?" I remember being a little surprised because I couldn't smell anyth…