Saturday, November 12, 2005

6 Inches Later

I cut 6 inches off of my hair. That's all.

Its fun being back in Orlando again. There's been some serious reminiscing about what my life was like while living here. Yesterday I went up to my old neighborhood and drove around. I thought I would find some favorite old hanut and go there for lunch. As I drove around I realized I didn't have a favorite restaurant in the area. I was too poor back then to eat out very often. I had a "growing" experience in the time I lived here. It was not the easiest time of my life living here, starting out at rock bottom, and quite frankly, ending it at rock bottom, but a lot more secure. But one good thing that came out of it was while working in the chocolate shop I had the time and chance to write a book.
So now back in Orlando I am recreating all of the necessary elements to write a book again. Chocolate (from Farris and Fosters of course), too much Diet Coke, and enough quiet personal time to get the extraneous details out of my head, and a laptop. My imagination is ready to take over and let loose.
Also have to mention that spending time with partner-in-crime Juli is essential to the recreation of my imagination. She is still a horrible influence on my shopping addiction and a great dinner companion! Its funny, I always get this "any minute now we're going to pull a Thelma and Louise" feeling when we hang out. But we never seem to find a Brad Pitt in the storyline...

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  1. Can there really be too much diet coke? Have you tried yours with fresh lime? Scrumptious! :)
    Feeling creative makes me happy, too.


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