Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Absolute Torture

So as previously mentioned I am off on a business trip in Orlando, FL at the World SWAT Round Up. As business trips go this one is just fine. As single girls at an event with 500 SWAT guys go, this is absolute torture. Do you have any idea how fun and at the same time torturous it is to be surrounded by hundreds of SWAT guys all day??
I'm rather infatuated with Team Sweden, although Pinellas Park PD has a few good men on it too.
Torture I tell you. Absolute torture. Hundreds of them, just swarming around, all focused on their same da*n mission, paying no attention to the few women in their presence. Just so not fair.
I have decided to repeal my personal ban on dating cops, fire fighters, medics, and other related persons. Particularly ones from Sweden. And Pinellas Park. (And can someone PLEASE tell me what state that is in?)
Completely gratuitous pictures of SWAT guys in tight shirts and BDU's to be posted next week.

And thank you Red Arrow for entertaining the masses while I work. If by any chance you happen to know of a guy that fits your descriptions, and is possibly from Sweden, Pinellas Park, or you know, just SWAT/ERT/SRT/IRT/ETC, you know where to find me.


  1. I looked up scores of the finalists today. Both Sweden and Pinellas Park did quite well in the final standings. I have good taste in SWAT teams!

  2. i would expect no less..pick one out for me, k? in the 6'2" to 6'6" range please:)


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