Thursday, November 24, 2005

Apparently Being the Nice One Runs in the Family (or adventures in turkey)

So the day started out as completely as expected. I went to Fredneck last night to hang out with the family and help with the food preparation. (I made a pecan pie- my first, and an apple. Wonderfully good!) As completely expected we got an hour late start on the road to Buena Vista. And also completely expected, we weren't the last ones to arrive. Now, from my point of view, when we got to the church in BV, I was surprised to see that all of the tables already had table clothes and centerpieces on them. That was odd because each family was supposed to bring their own table stuff. But whatever, right? So we go in, everyone got there, and we started eating. About ten minutes later, I noticed a woman I have never seen before standing in the doorway, possibly speaking loud enough for the entire room to hear. One of my aunts got up to go talk to her. A few minutes later my dad went into the hall with my aunt and the lady. And then he announced that someone somehow had double booked the church. There was another family in the hallway who had also booked the church for the dinner. And well, they weren't waiting nicely. They were willing to give us a few minutes to get cleaned up and out of there.
Um... 70 people eating Thanksgiving Dinner, 3 large buffet tables holding the food, 1 huge table for desserts, and they will give us a few minutes to get out of there?
Yes, because apparently being the nice one that gets walked all over runs in the family.
On the bright side a few good things came from this. It turns out the Other Family (as they shall now be known) had set up the tables and decorated them the night before. When my extended family arrived they thought this was strange, worried about it, and called the building scheduler, who was as perplexed as they, and insisted the building was ours. So the theory was that maybe the boy scouts had used the building the night before and decided to leave the tables up because they looked pretty? Who knows.
So the bright side, we didn't have to do any of the set up or clean up. That is actually a great way to do Thanksgiving!
We grabbed up all of the food and headed over to my aunt's house. Most people had had their firsts at dinner, but pretty much nobody got seconds, or go to back for "extras." But we all had plenty of desserts. Sadly, my apple pie somehow got left behind at the church. I almost wish that I didn't know it was wonderful. I almost wish my apple pie had been nasty and crusty and that the Other Family had eaten it like the bunch of church hoggers that they are.
Other than that, Thanksgiving was all the wonderful things it is supposed to be. And I guess in my case, I got what I wanted- dinner in a real house, and not the church!

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