Monday, November 07, 2005

Best Conversation I've Had All Day

A real conversation held today with a male friend who shall remain nameless until everyone has guessed who he is so I can mock him even more. (we were discussing a possible international vacation)

Friend: sounds good. but i hear my pillow calling.. and she sounds sad

Mee: um, i really really love these pictures of bamberg. i want to go there!

Friend: sounds good, i'm down for whatever

Me: go keep your pillow company. (and i'll try not to mock that your pillow has a gender.)

Friend: if my pillow was a guy.. that would be bad

I didn't know pillows had genders. I'm so amused!


  1. I have a guess, ut I guess it's sort of cheating since I know the answer:)

  2. just because you were a part of the conversation too doesn't make it cheating!

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    I have an issue with a pillow having a gender. That is obscene.

  4. Jules3:27 PM

    Where can you find out which is which?

  5. Justin6:02 PM

    I hope he washes his sheets regularly.

  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    YUCK justin!!!


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