Friday, November 18, 2005

Blogging on the run

Yesterday started fairly normal. Got up, went to work. But then things got strange. I parked my car, took the keys, got out. And then noticed that my car was still running. Hmm... Double check that yes, I have the keys in my hand, and the car is still running. Okay, that just can't be good. Ran inside, gave co-worker quick notification, and went to the mechanic. 6 hours and $280 dollars later my car is turning off and on like a normal car again.
Worked all day. Got a turkey. (Some companies give Christmas bonuses, we get gigantic turkeys.) And while I would like to vent about certain things going on here (i.e.- cranky people, egos, gossip, and the icicles hanging from my nose) I have been asked not to now. So I won't. But trust me, there would have been some good stuff there.
Ran to other job. Somehow when I agreed to work 10 hours a week on a set Monday and Thursday schedule, in the receiving department only, I actually thought that was what I would do. But when I punched out last night, I was over 20 hours, and finishing a shift in the music department. And next week I am working on Tuesday and Friday.
I am running on fumes and caffeine, but enjoying it. The weekend promises to be completely insane as well. Service project, singles Thanksgiving dinner, learn to cook a turkey before both of those activities, another singles dinner, church, sleep, eat, etc. And it hit me late last night that the column is due in by Tuesday morning. So somewhere in there I have to come up with a stroke of creative genius and write something to amuse 100,000 people. (But what I really want to do is keep working on my novel.)

Apparently some people are confused as to the decline in membership on the List. Let me explain. First and foremost, I retain the right to get bored and move on at will. Second, the Real Guy #1 went on a little trip around the world. (How I wish that was a joke. But seriously, he's on this round the world hiking trip.) He made no promises to write or call when he left. Haven't heard from him, and don't expect to. I can't remember which one was Guy #2 right now. I must have gotten bored with him. One of the other guys also just fell off radar. The guy that keeps doing all of the wrong things (such as sending me dumb emails with smiley faces in them) tries still on occasion, but has yet to attempt real conversation. That's getting real old. And the guy that was kicked from the list for saying that I am a slow learner actually complimented me for being so versatile and picking up on new tasks so quickly. He's not getting back on the list, but at least now I can mess with his head just for revenge. There's another guy that comes and goes occasionally on the list, but he has self destructive behavior problems. He'll do something great and earn a high berth, and then almost intentionally do something to make sure he gets kicked off of it again. I've been trying to help him out and give him the benefit of the doubt and just keep him on there. But that almost seems to make it worse. So I do the opposite and forbid him from getting there. And in typical, stupid, male fashion, he goes out of his way to get back on again. Which is why I refuse to actually rank him or give him a place on the List.

But let's remember the important things, shall we? Harry Potter opens today.
And if you are in need of further blog entertainment, I highly recommend reading Smash's page, "Another stupid woman on the listserve."


  1. Let me guess: your second job is at a B&N? That's what happened to me my last semester of grad school--I asked for 10-20 hours a week, preferably 10, and I got 24-30 hours a week. There was just no way to do the schedule they wanted me to do, and get my last semester finished up.

    And I am seeing Harry Potter tonight as well. I am a very happy girl.

  2. I cannot confirm that I work at B&N, but I won't deny it either... Does a 30% employee discount on music, cafe, and books sound familiar??

  3. Air Supply6:58 PM

    How about a 30% discount on wine?

  4. Oh, yes. That sounds very familiar. And highly tempting to someone who is addicted to books and hot chocolate. Sometimes it was a challenge not to spend my paycheck on my way out the door.

  5. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I am a stranger. I have been reading your your story and others almost everyday.
    I think you are a funny person but you don't sound very happy for a long time. What is your problem? Maybe you need to ask youself questions like this. Do you love yourself too much because you think you know better than anyone? Do you like to judge people? Do you really care about people? If so, do you SHOW them that you care? Do you think of others before yourself? Do you LISTEN to your family, friends and co-workers? Maybe you don't realize that you have been running away from almost every problem that you need to solve. It is not always thier problem. The problem is YOU.
    Try to listen to your family and friends more often and do something about it. Think of others more often dear. Don't run. Work on your love for others everyday. Don't be a foolish and be HAPPY!

  6. Or perhaps she's just stressed out. If I were trying to juggle a full-time career and a part-time job, I would be, too.

    I'm actually quite short on money myself right now, what with the student loans coming due this month, and I have no idea how I'm going to make ends meet. At this point, I'm not. I considered doing what you're doing, EA, and keep putting it off because I wonder how I'll survive such a schedule, and having just adopted a kitten, that might make him very sad if I'm gone 16 hours a day. So I'm looking for freelancing--writing and editing--instead, but that's not as steady as what you've got going on.

    Anyway, my point is (and perhaps I'm projecting), that you have a lot on your plate right now, and no wonder you seem a little stressed out to the poster above, but I doubt it's because you're not a good listener.

  7. air supply- i'll sell you wine if you'll serenade me with "All Out of Love."

    Anonymous and Stacer- Thanks for the outside view on what my life looks like. I find it interesting to learn what other people see. Let's see how directly I can respond to your comments. I am happy, I'm always happy. Whenever I am not happy I very quickly take steps to remedy that. As a result, I'm very happy. I should be the last person to declare whether or not I think too much about myself or enough about other people. But considering the day I just had, I know the answer in my heart, and that is good enough for me.
    I like being busy. Its just a part of my nature. I'm rather obsessed with cramming as much as possible into each day. Someone recently told me I need to learn time management a little better. When I relayed that to my sister she laughed out loud and said, "Whatever! You time manage when to eat and when to watch Gilmore Girls! You time manage everything!" I hate sitting around doing nothing. Serving others and staying busy makes me happy.
    It is true that I have been very stressed out lately. But can you blame me? At my real job I'm not getting along suddenly with a previously favorite coworker. And then there's the overwhelming workload there. Plus I picked up a second job to finance my European chocolate habits. For church this week I had to coordinate a huge clothing drive, plus a large Thanksgiving dinner. Plus the car broke down (again), plus making life run, like paying the bills, sleeping, eating, etc. I only stress out when I don't feel I am doing as much as people think I can do. And I don't enjoy arguing with others. So when I say the situation with the coworker is stressing me out, you have little idea how much it does.
    Each person has their own way of being happy. My way is being the everything girl that goes everywhere and does every little thing.

  8. justin12:01 AM

    Anon, I think EA is mainly bummed that she didn't get the lovin' she wanted from the Swedish SWAT team. My theory is that all scandinavian law enforcement officers are gay. It's just a theory.

  9. I can assure you that Team Sweden is NOT gay. Trust me on this one.


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