Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lessons Learned Today

1. There are adult women who will bring a bag of Cheetos as her contribution to a large Thanksgiving dinner.
2. French Onion soup works great for flavoring a turkey.
3. Reese Witherspoon can sing.
4. People will rise to the occasion and amaze you with their heartfelt charitable donations.
5. It is possible to collect over 40 large garbages full of clothing donations in less than 1 week.
6. I can operate on an average of four hours of sleep per night, and still work 17 hours a day.
7. I only wish I spent more time getting dressed for work than I do commuting.
8. When you least expect it, your heart will remember something it forgot.
9. Tara is a groupie.
10. Most adults are incapable of RSVPing to an event.


  1. justin11:56 PM

    You haven't seen Pride & Prejudice yet? Wow, I'm surprised you didn't camp out in front of the theater wearing period custom! Aren't you a Jane Austen geek?

  2. I'm a Jane Austen purist- not geek. Hence the reason I have not yet gone to see P&P.

  3. woo hoo! i made the lessons learned!

  4. Chester Cheetah2:11 PM

    You throw out Cheetos as a bad thing. Name one other thing that can turn your entire hand orange in less that 2 minutes. What do you have against cheese snacks? Why dont you try and allow ALL snacks to be part of the Thanksgiving holiday...huh...well..huh?

    I had no idea you were such a racist. I bet doritos are just fine.....I bet you would not say anything about Sun Chips, or pringles....Really NICE.

  5. Chester- Not true! I had a bag of Lay's Potato Chips today. The good cheddar cheesey kind. And then chili for lunch. The chili may have been a mistake.
    Oh, but Doritos are evil. They are made from corn, and I am deathly allergic to corn and corn chips. So yes, I am a doritoist. But not a cheetoist. I like Cheetos. Just not next to my turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing!

  6. manny9:50 PM

    cheetohs? CHEETOHS?!?! hey, who wants some air-puffed grease sponges dusted with synthetic cheddar powder. mmmm....i'm drooling already.


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