Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Things I Love About This Trip

1. Team Sweden
2. The shirt worn by the Neenah, WI PD SWAT Team. It read, "Behold the Power of Cheese," on the back over a very scary looking piece of SWAT cheese. Who knew there was SWAT cheese??
3. How many guys will actually go get me a diet soda in exchange for a free tee shirt. I'm not saying I really did do this. It was just fun to see how many of them would try.
4. I get to go visit my old chocolate shop tomorrow! Farris and Fosters for everyone!
5. Still loving the ragtop Jeep. I may just be a Jeep girl at heart. Heaven knows I am NOT a Pontiac Bonneville girl at heart (my current vehicle for all of you cyber-only friends).

I'm really enjoying all the commentary on the blog these days. A few responses to responses-
Big Brother- I am not wierd. Just quirky, and rather obsessed with making people like me. I can't help it.
Justin- Between pillows and chicken, I am officially grossed out.
Jules- Don't forget to play nice!


  1. aren't we all jeep girls at heart?

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Tara...I just love can you not totally be into wind in your hair and the outdoor, backwoods, I'm a cool person feeling?


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