Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tidbits (or maybe leftovers, since it is a big food holiday)

1. I saw Pride and Prejudice the Keira Knightly version. Beautiful movie, amazing scenery. Keira Knightley makes a wonderful Lizzie. Other than that, I really did NOT like the movie. How dare they change the ending to Jane Austen!?!?!

2. Maybe it wasn't very apparent by what I say on the blog, but I just haven't been in the mood to date lately. But I got back in the mood today. Bring on the men. Preferably the smart, intelligent, kind, loving, and interesting men.

3. I am even more excited for the trip to BeNeLux. I was just bloghopping and realized that Gwen was in Paris last week, and Joy and Jason are in Italy this week. Somehow having friends abroad, is making me itchy to get abroad myself.

4. Tomorrow is my SR-86 day. I have devoted the entire day to finishing my security background paperwork. If you are reading this and by any chance were an old roommate of mine in the last ten years, and you remember our address, can you send it to me please? (It is entirely possible that I have lived in too many places, and worked for too many people!)

5. Saturday is knitting and writing day. Its also sit around in sweats and get creative and eat leftovers day. I'm going to make myself a nice warm scarf and matching hat to wear for the big BeNeLux trip. And I'm going to have a little fun working my new writing project. It isn't something many people can relate to, but I love it when I have a fun thing in my head I can't wait to write out. So Saturday will be writing day. And knitting day.

6. I hope lots of people blog or email me and tell me their Thanksgiving stories. I'm under self-assigned house arrest. I need them!!

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