Monday, November 07, 2005

Top Ten Things I Love About This Trip So Far

I've been in Florida less than 48 hours and I already have a list of things to love about being here.

1. My rental car is a ragtop Jeep.
2. Tomorrow morning (and all subsequent mornings hereafter) I'll be able to say, "I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night." (Business travelers will understand the joy of staying in a Holiday Inn Express. Free internet, free breakfast, big rooms, nice bathrooms, etc.)
3. Hanging with Jules and co.
4. Andi (Jules' progeny) asking to go shoe shopping at Target.
5. Hearing Cali read from a book.
6. Andi attempting to show up her big sister by "reading" from a book. It was more of a song and dance she performed for several minutes.
7. Visiting my old Orlando church and seeing the old friends.
8. Steak n Shake
9. The weather.
10. Thinking only vendors would be at the show today (and no attendees) during setup and wearing my new "I heart what's his name" t-shirt, and getting more than my fair share of attention from the 300 SWAT guys there to register. There's something a little unnerving about hearing a VERY hot man say to his buddy in Hungarian "blah blah blah "i love whats his name blah blah blah" (the blahs being in hungarian), pointing at me, and all the nearby men laughing out loud. I'm SURE they were saying "check out the hot single blonde chick. she must be single, her shirt says "i love what's his name."

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  1. Jules8:15 PM

    Oh yeah, I speak Hungarian fluently. "blah blah blah I love what's his name blah blah blah": actually means check out the AMAZINGLY hot single blonde chick..." You just forgot the amazingly part, but that's ok. We'll forgive you this time!

    PS--the girls miss you already.


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