Wednesday, December 28, 2005

European Whirlwind Day 2

Today we hit Brugges, (or Bruge or Brughes, depending on your language), a quaint little town in the Flemish countryside. It was about an hour from Brussels. When I finally can upload my pictures, you will be able to see the incredible bell tower we climbed, and all the little things that make this town a "must see" Belgian adventure. We visited an art museum, did massive amounts of shopping, visited nearly every chocolate shop known to man, and just enjoyed the culture of the city.

One of the crazier highlights of the day- walking down a little shop lined street in Brugges and spotting something "not right" in the window. Deb and I both stopped and stared for a second before it hit us. In the window of this little Asian convenience store (and you thought they only had those in the States), there was a very familiar picture of Jesus Christ. Or at least a picture very familiar to Mormons. And then next to it was another very familiar picture of Christ. And another. And then a picture of the (mormon) Salt Lake City Temple. We pointed at it for a minute, and then the shopkeeper, a young Asian woman, mouthed to us "I'm Mormon." Or at least, that is what I think she said. We sort of yelled back "We're Mormons!" But with the hustle and bustle of a crowd, we'll never know what she heard.

So far, other than the SLC Temple sighting, there have been no "typical Erin" adventures on this trip yet. No crazy stories about breaking toilets (Romania), getting locked in strange buildings (Prague), or otherwise surreal moments (the rest of my Romania experiences). But give me time. There's still 3 more days for me to cause an international incident. I'm sure something will happen eventually. I can't leave the country for 6 whole days and not have something happen. I mean, you don't really think the little Mormon girl can go to Amsterdam without something funny happening, right?

Tomorrow we are off to Amsterdam, where the Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh museum, another art museum I can't pronounce, and the famed "red light" district await us. And more shopping- of course.
My luggage arrived very early this morning- YEAH! So I did have clean socks and things to wear today. We seemed to have mastered the tram-metro-train system here, which is quite a feat, as nothing is in English. And we have even experimented speaking in our very limited French, and that, surprisingly, hasn't caused an international incident yet either!

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