Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am Lady Grace

Tonight was the big ice skating activity. All I have to say is - I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. I have a new found respect for those little skating twigs, apparently flying around like a wood nymph on crack actually takes talent. I only move about the ice as if on crack. I remembered why it is I only love to watch ice hockey, and not actually play it.
Tara- great job. And thanks for the fun conversation. I promise to get better before cracking the ice in the canals.
Sherpa- we must do it again soon. Always a pleasure.
Jules- You're the only one getting the very first joke in here. Unless one of my cousins has fallen victim to it to.
(And I'm not being snarky at all!)
Everyone else- sorry for the inside jokes.
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  1. hee-hee-hee- snarky. i heard somewhere that that was a west wing reference ;)

  2. you're such a snark.....


    Sure thing,

    Sweet thang.

    Hmm, now is That a west wing reference?!?


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