Monday, December 05, 2005

Just a City Country Girl

I've been thinking lately about whether or not I am a country girl living in the city, or a city girl who wants to be in the country. And I've come to the conclusion I'm just a City Country Girl. I grew up in the suburbs, which means I'm neither city or country. It means I'm just Fairfax to the core. Of course, unless you are from one of the surrounding counties, you just don't get that. It means I came from a county in the heart of a metropolitan area, so I had all of the amenities of a big city at my doorstep, or at least within a 20 minute drive. But "my people" are all from the country. I'm the second oldest of 40-something first cousins on my dad's side, and 3rd oldest of 20-ish cousins on my mom's side. And I'm probably only 1 of maybe 8 total that don't have a southern accent (regardless of which state they were born in). My mom's people all hail from backwoods Mississippi (pronounced properly "miss-sippi"),where we grew watermelons (pronounced "wuhder-meluns"), and ate black eyed peas and cornbread with every meal. I have distinct memories of shelling the peas every evening after dinner while sittin' on the front porch watchin' absolutely nothin' go by. So how can I possibly be considered a city girl?
Well, I do love the city, and like to think that my little neck of the suburbs is considered city living. Parking is not plentiful, white kids are in the minority, and we have a crime problem. That's city, right? I can walk most everywhere I want to go (except work). There are opportunities and diversity all around. I definately have a city girl in me.
But the question remains, am I a city girl? or a country girl? Well, let's see. I live in the city, but I volunteer at a po-dunk fire department. (a trait inherited from my miss-sippi grandpa.) But Gretchen Wilson I am not. I am not looking for a "man with a skoal ring" to say the least. But I do like the values of such a man. I like the men who want to have a family with the same values I was raised with. I think it would be a shame to have a family that didn't know the joys of having their own family mountain, or what it is like to sit around and sing Kenny Rogers songs and play guitar. And somehow that just doesn't hit me as a city girl thing to do.
So I've decided I'm a City Country Girl. I live in the city for now, but I'd die without the country nearby. The only tolerable part about the city is knowing that I can escape to the country any old time I want.

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