Saturday, December 03, 2005

LOST Reunion

Speaking of things I am addicted to... LOST. (and then this really stupid show called "Reunion" that should be canceled for its horrible acting and predictable story lines.) LOST is too addicting. I'm thinking way too much about it. Today I watched a couple of back episodes, and I have a few questions. And since I know half of you are addicted to it as well, I appeal to you. I was watching the episode of the "other side" of the island's first 40 days. When they opened the trunk in the bunker, they pulled out a glass eye. Does anyone have any theories or clues to this one?!?!?! The blanket- big deal. The filmstrip- we have an answer (and Locke is an idiot... "what were the chances..."). But a glass eye?!?
Did anyone else catch whats-his-face on the TV in the background of Kate's dad's office? Or catch what was being said about him?
Open solicitation- does anyone have last year's LOST episodes, or Sex in the City (second or third seasons)?

Next, is anyone watching the wretched show "Reunion?" How can amazing, quality, hilarious programming like "Arrested Development" get canceled by Fox, and yet they keep that horrible show "Reunion" on it?? That being said, my TiVo keeps picking it up, so I keep watching it. Its seriously horrible acting with obvious scripts. (It makes me keep up hope that if I ever have the discipline to actually write out my own show idea and submit it the right way, I could sell it.) But just in case anyone else is watching that awful show, who do you think shot her?


  1. sisty ugler3:02 PM

    Who is what's his face in the background on the tv? No, I didn't catch that.

  2. I'm ashamed to say that I'm totally addicted to Reunion too. I think that one of what's-her-name's kids killed her--either the daughter she gave up or the son. Although, with the little "creepy husband gets up out of his wheelchair" move, I'm not so sure anymore.

    Excuse me, I have to go give myself a swirly for having admitted my darkest television secret. Actually, that would probably be that I watch ABC Family Original Movies. Again, I'm so ashamed.

  3. I have Season 1 of LOST.. Someone else is borrowing it, but when I get it back, it's all yours.

    And no theories on the glass eye--but I'm guessing you could find spoilers if you really wanted to.

  4. Glass eye theory: One of "the others" on the boat that kidnapped Walt only had one eye (so I'm told, though I have not verified by watching again)

    On the TV in the background of Kate's Dad's office: Sayed


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