Wednesday, December 14, 2005

MyPartyPost- Video Clip- Best Christmas Lights Display Ever

MyPartyPost- Video Clip- Best Christmas Lights Display Ever

This little webpage has just made my entire Christmas. Nods to Hardy for the enlightenment.
Seriously, this is a link worth checking out. Otherwise, you are missing out!!


  1. jules4:40 PM

    Yeah, I've seen this before. It's cool to see once but I feel great sympathy for the person's spouse and neighbors. Seriously, I got ticked when my husband brought home the 3 CD redneck Christmas collection (including the ever popular "Dang it, I'm Vixen," "Daddy's drinkin' up our Christmas," and my personal fave, "Santabilly Boogie.") He would be hearing from a good divorce attorney if he tried to pull something like that. If I had to hear that song over and over, one of us would have to go and I'm thinking it's him...

  2. Did anyone ready the Snopes article on this house? It is worth a peak. In order to not annoy his neighbors the homeowner is transmitting the music to the light show on an FM station. As if putting up that many synchronized lights wasn't nerdy enough, he also has his own FM station?!?!

  3. jules3:18 PM

    Update: this light show has been shut down by order of the police. Apparently someone got into a accident going to see the light show, and the fire dept. couldn't get trucks through. No more lights...


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