Friday, December 09, 2005

On the bright side...

So first the car breaks down again... on the way to my second job. Never made it to the job that would have paid for the emergency repairs. And then it snowed 7 inches in my neck of the woods last night. I guess our landlord just neverthought to rake up the berzillion leaves that fell on our walkway before the first snow hit this week. So we have a mountain of leaves on the walk, covered by ice and snow from the first storm. But no worries, at 4 am this morning I woke up to the lovely sound of some machine scraping the sidewalks. So that is the bright side... they cleared our sidewalks finally. (The last 2 days have been life threatening just to get to the door to our building.) However, for some unknown reason they choose not to clear the parking lot. I guess they decided since they did that earlier this week they shouldn't have to do it twice. So the 7 inches fell on top of the massive ice patches that formed behind the cars when the first plows went by burying the cars in the lot. I'm not joking when I say my apartment complex has become a death trap.

I know, not my most exciting or entertaining post ever. But its been a rough week. I'm really not a fan of snow. It just causes pain and misery and frostbite from what I can tell. Has anything good ever come from snow (except when you were a kid and school got closed)? No. The earth NEEDS rain. The earth NEEDS sun. But no one has ever said, "What we really need is a little snow." (Shoot, now I just got that stupid song "We Need a Little Christmas" stuck in my head.)

Happy Thoughts-
Its Friday.
I have play time scheduled in tomorrow. (assuming I don't go too broke from these car repairs.)
I like my rental car.
17 days till Belgium
Hot Chocolate will cure most bad moods.

Other Thoughts-
Paul McCartney is a great musician. I have worshipped the Beatles since I was old enough to push the Oldies radio station button in the car. (Granted I was 13 before I found out there was music other than the oldies to listen to, thanks to my dad.) But the worst song in the entire world is that synthesizer disaster, "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime," by McCartney's useless band, "Wings." It blows my mind that one of the greatest modern musicians wrote, sang, and produced that amateur disaster.

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