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Once upon a time any news article about Mormons was so negative and biased that I found most to be incorrect and offensive. The LDS (Mormon) Church has come a long way in the last 5 years becoming more and more recognized as mainstream by society, particularly by the news media. This is thanks in large part to the president and prophet of our church, Gordon B. Hinckley, making it a goal to "rise the church up out of obscurity," and to Larry King marrying a mormon girl as his 20th wife.

Just showing how far up out of obscurity the church has come, Time magazine this week did an article just on the singles in the LDS church. I pretty much agree with everything stated in the article. But mostly I am just amazed that Time would find my lot in life newsworthy.


  1. Hrmmmm.

    Well, it's a bit outdated though. :)

  2. I read the article yesterday and was hoping it would be a little juicer...but it is so interesting that they would even find it noteworthy.

  3. Yeah, I noticed the article, too. They've been discussing it on Linkup in juicier detail, though of course not in as public a forum as Time is. I posted about it a few days ago, myself.

    (p.s. I've taken off the anonymous posting restriction on my LJ. I think I'm past the unwanted attention of the last week.)


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