Saturday, December 03, 2005

What a Saturday should be

Today I finally had what a Saturday should be. I slept in. I played Su Doku puzzles (more on this addiction later). I knitted (almost done with someone's Christmas present). I watched my TiVo (more on this later). I went to the mall. I ran errands. I bought groceries. I went to the bank. I took a nap. I cleaned out my car. I did laundry. I caught up on 10 chapters in my Book of Mormon reading (actually I listened to it while knitting). And while it may sound like that was a lot, it really wasn't. Most of it was all done within an hour. It was great. I had a normal person's Saturday, which I have been seriously in need of for a long time now. Ooh, and I stuck to my diet all day. Haven't cheated once!!

Now for the important stuff in life. Like Su Doku puzzles. First, if you aren't yet addicted to Su Doku, its clearly because you haven't tried yet. For your online entertainment, I give you this- . (Some day I'll be smart enough to know how to make hyperlinks, but for now, I don't.) I became acquainted with these "number crosswords" about a month or so ago. Since then I have bought 2 different books, plus played them online. If you are going to try them online for the first time, let me just say that they are much easier on paper, where you can erase and make little notes all over the place.

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