Sunday, January 29, 2006

Apparently its that time of the year again

Apparently it is time to start thinking about the big Mormons Invade Duck Beach Weekend again. In the last week 4 different friends have asked me if I am doing a house at Duck this year. I swore last year that I wouldn't put myself through it again. But as anyone could have guessed, I have changed my mind. But I'm doing things differently this year. First, I am not running a dorm or soup kitchen. Its going to be a much smaller house, and if someone is so homophobic that they can't share a bed with another person, they have to pay extra for the bed. I am sure that will get negotiated a few more times before it gets settled, but a girl can dream. My other caveat- someone else has to do food.
So friends, here is the house I have picked. "A Parrothead's Getaway." Hot tub, private pool, oceanside, 6 bedrooms, and it claims it parks 6. (Only people that stayed in my house last year can truly appreciate why I am laughing as I wonder how many cars we can really get into that driveway.) It is very affordable, big, beautiful, etc.


  1. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in.

    ahh fond memories of hot tubs, krispy kremes, and diet coke.

  2. Hot tubs, Krispy Kremes, and Diet Coke at 2 in the morning nonetheless. That was a sugar buzz I may never forget.


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