Saturday, January 07, 2006

Before and After- Office Moving Day (aka "The Big Dig")

Today was the big office move day. After nearly two years with BUSA I got moved out of the "closet." I'm in a temporary office for a few months, but hey, its progress, right? And the new office does have a window, so I'm not complaining. I couldn't help but take some before and after pictures of the office move. In the scene you are viewing there are generally 2 girls working in here- Ang and me. The last few months have been tough as we seemed to have a box explosion, but no place to hide the boxes. So now we hide things in plain sight. For instance, it is completely against the rules for me to have firearms in my office. So please ignore the part where there are 2 shotguns in the center of the room. (Um, for the person who is going to read this and get a little ancy with me, those 2 shotguns are now in the proper lockup.)
So enjoy my before and after shots. I know I did!
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