Friday, January 20, 2006

I begged my parents to send me to space camp and instead they bought me the movie

I have finally remembered something that helps me relax. I doubt it will help anyone else, but I'm greatly amused by it. The National Air and Space Museum. Ever since I can remember I have loved going there. There's even a funny story about how when I was younger I thought it was the "Erin Space Museum." But I'll save that for later. So today I finally got to have my personal birthday treat and went to see a movie at the IMAX at the museum. As soon as I walked in I remembered how much I love going there. (One of the best parts of living in DC is that we have free museums, even if they have crappy hours left over from the Carter administration.) After my little excursion to the best place on Earth, I came home to find Netflix had finally sent me a movie I had requested several months ago. My theory is that they had to go to Ethan Hawke's basement to find the only living copy. But nonetheless, Netflix has sent me one of my favorite childhood movies. Explorers Its an absolutely stupid movie starring Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix in their first film roles as kids. There's an alien that quotes John Wayne, its that kind of stupid. And fifth graders that build a space ship. And a mouse that pushes buttons to demand cheese. My sister and I still like to speak to each other in a computerized rat voice and say, "I want more cheese- NOW!"
But I digress... Anyway, I found something that worked for me today. And that makes me feel better.

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  1. sistyugler1:56 PM

    I want my cheese - Now. Now... I love that movie and that talking mouse will never get old to me. hee-hee


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