Monday, January 16, 2006

If My Name Were Pollyanna...

If my name was Pollyanna I may describe the last 72 hours like this-
(Please use your best Hayley Mills quasi-British accent when reading this.) "Oh the weekend was just great! First, I got to sleep in all morning, and then went out to breakfast with my friend. And then! I got to come home and take a nice long nap. And then I got to go out with another friend where we saw the most delightful movie, and had a scrumptious dinner. Then I came home, took another nap, and went out to see another friend. And even took another nap there! And then the next morning, I slept in real late again. (you are remembering to use your best overly excited Hayley Mills voice, right?) And then I went to church, but not normal church. Special church! Where I heard the most wonderful country music! I just loved it! And then I went to visit my family, where I took another nap! Can you believe all those naps? Glorious! After the "encore celebration" I came home and fell asleep nice and early. And then today, when I got to work I got the good news that my sister wasn't hurt at all in the car accident. And my car, you know, the one she was driving, only had a few dents added to the collection. If you look on the bright side, at least all the dents are on the same side together."

What do you think? Do I make a good Pollyanna?
Should I admit how many hours of my childhood were spent trying to look, sound, be exactly like Pollyanna in this picture?


  1. Shhh! There is no birthday. Just a small encore that no one will remember.


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