Thursday, January 05, 2006

Self Evaluation

A fun list stolen from S's blog.

+I am not: very good at discussing when I'm wrong.
+I hurt: other people when I try to ski.
+I hate: inconsiderate people.
+I fear: falling down.
+I hope: I never fall down.
+I crave: chocolate.
+I regret: not telling someone how I felt when it might have made a difference.
+I cry: when small children cry in my presence.
+I care: about the underdog.
+I long: to write a great novel.
+I feel alone: in large parties when I don't have a date.
+I listen: to what isn't said.
+I hide: my hurt.
+I drive: the biggest POS ever. It is not indicative of who I am.
+I sing: like Martina McBride when no one else can hear me.
+I dance: like a tornado.
+I write: silly stuff to entertain 500,000 people a week.
+I breathe: without thinking about it, thankfully.
+I play: Sudoku games like a madman.
+I miss: "Keen Eddie."
+I search: for the perfect purse.
+I learn:who will trust and who will jump to conclusions the hard way.
+I feel: rather congested today.
+I know: what it means to hit rock bottom.
+I say: what it takes to make others happy.
+I succeed: when I let myself. (You're right, S, that is too good to change.)
+I fail: rarely, because I won't give up.
+I dream: of fire fighting.
+I wonder: if I'll ever fall in love.
+I want: to find a soul mate.
+I worry: about disappointing others.
+I have: a really bad head cold.
+I give: pennies to small children in grocery stores.
+I receive: a lot of love from my friends and family.
+I love: traveling and discovering new cultures.
+I think: I'm mostly misunderstood..
+I sleep: when time allows for it.
+I would kill: if someone threatened my life first.
+I obsess: about nothing.
+I draw: little stick figures that even I can't explain.
+I wish: losing weight didn't require so much effort..
+I use: my Southern Belle charms only when necessary.

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  1. Girl! I didn't even know you read my blog! :) I love it!! It's a great list, isn't it? Glad you missed the badness in Paris. Happy new year!


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