Sunday, January 29, 2006

Unexpectedly Great Saturday Night

It was a completely unexpected great Saturday night. After spending Saturday in the usual fantastic way of food and movie with Joy, we decided to go see our friends play in their band, Barefoot. Somehow, I failed to take pictures of the band. But I did get lots of video of the band. I just don't have a video player on here (yet).
The best part of the night was not just listening to the fun music, but getting to see lots of friends. There is something really cool about walking into a cafe and knowing everyone in the room. It was a very "Cheers"-esque moment.

There were -

married friends- Sammie and Melissa (Sammie is the bass player for Barefoot)

Good friends- href="">Joy

Old Friends- Karl

And cousin friends- Mattie and me- if you squint really hard, turn your head to the left, and take a deep breath, you still won't see a family resemblance!

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