Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Utah Town Has Question About President: 'What's Not to Like?'

Utah Town Has Question About President: 'What's Not to Like?'
Oh man. That is twice in one week that the idiosyncrasies of Utah have made it to the front page of the Post. (Last week it was about LDS Films, which is by default about Utah.) My question is, "what do DC residents care about the residents of a town so small in Utah no one has ever heard of it?" Are we just so big city minded that it is now considered newsworthy that there are still small towns with small town behaviors out there? I wonder what most of DC would think of our small town back in Mississippi. There's a flashing yellow out at the main highway so people know you have just passed a town. You don't just leave your car unlocked, you leave your keys in the car in case someone needs to move it. And even the big city granddaughter of a resident can walk into the main store and pay for something on the tab. And the only school in town covers all grades K-12 in one building. And 10 years after my grandparents died I could walk into the one florist in town and explain who I was and the florist could tell me, "Well then you need to go put these yellow buds on your grandmother's grave. She likes these best." And then didn't charge me. Because you don't charge a granddaughter coming back to visit her grandparents' grave for the first time in 10 years. Instead you give her directions to her great-aunt's house and tell her to go pay a visit. Because you're the town florist. Its your job.


  1. I lived in Randolph one summer. Its a great tiny town....I think its interesting that the Post chooses to spotlight Randolph. But that drive-inn.....it might be awesome food only to someone from this area who thinks Five Guys (5 guys hamburgers are fair, their fries are better)makes awesome hamburgers......its fair, but not anything to write home about.

    Aren't you from DC? ;)

  2. Five Guys makes the best burgers ever! In fact, I am counting the days till they open the new one in Courthouse. Then I can even walk to a 5 Guys! Yeah for 5 Guys! And their fries are good too- but only if you eat them the right way with lots of malt vinegar on them. Ketchup just ruins them. Or Old Bay. Fries with Old Bay are the best. Actually, anything with Old Bay is the best.
    And yes, I am a DC native through and through. But with serious Mississippi roots. I spent every summer of my childhood in a black dot on a state map. The kind of town where I don't use my real name- I just introduce myself as "Miriam's granddaughter." (pronounced "my-rum's girl.")

  3. My hometown is like the town in Mississippi you describe, except that my grandma still lives in it, and I grew up there, not just visited. But my town does sound a little larger--we had a separate jr-senior high from the grade school. All of 400-some students in the whole school district.

  4. See, case in point. You think Five guys are the best burgers ever.



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