Thursday, February 16, 2006

Best "Mormon" Question Yet

As the sole Mormon in my place of employment I frequently get asked the oddest of questions at the most bizarre of times. Today while in a training meeting I snuck out to get a second Diet Dr Pepper to sustain me. The training session was horribly boring in a dark room with a monotone teacher. The Diet Dr P was a necessity. And anyone who works with me knows I consider it the netcar of life. (And anyone who has ever been in a restaurant with me knows I abhor Diet Pepsi, and not just because of their commercials.)
Out of nowhere a man I hardly know leans over and says, "I thought you were Mormon." I smile, I nod. "Are you a bad Mormon?" I smile, I consider nodding, but instead shake my head in the negative. I prepare to defend my drinking habits. "It is true you can't get married until you have two year's worth of food in your house?"
Now obviously, I expected the caffeine/coffee discussion. But then I expected it to be a mission question. But a food storage and marriage question?? That was a first. I first swallowed the nectar of life before answering him, although I nearly choked and spit in on him. My pause gave him just enough time to ask the next impossible question. "Is that why you are still single?"

(For the non-Mormons reading this the answer to both of his questions is a big fat no.)

Now I've heard some strange ones in my day. But this one was new to me. Has anyone else ever heard this one? Anyone have any good fallacies of their own? I'd love to hear them.

Oh, and just for the record, I set the guy straight. And set the girl next to us straight when she asked if its true that Mormons kill gay people...

Ay yi yi...

Now back to my regularly scheduled day of scheduling events and staring out the window at the beautiful sunny weather we shouldn't be enjoying in mid-February.


  1. Jules5:46 PM

    Wow. Are you just a magnet for people making offensive comments and asking ignorant questions?

  2. I'm surprised you think those comments are offensive! Ignorance isn't offensive- its just ignorance! Slow and misguided though they may be, I wasn't offended at all. In fact,I found it hilarious. What other odd things do my co-workers think about me? Just the thought that they think I am single because I haven't "earned" two years of food yet, is pretty funny to me!

  3. I know I would've had a hard time keeping my composure if someone asked me that.



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