Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A little like the leaves on a tree

A little like the leaves on the tree outside I am frozen in time. Last week's unusual warmth and sunshine caused a few trees to prematurely blossom. Unaware of the consequences that their premature blooming would bring, they freely sporuted happiness for the world to see. Little tiny buds willing to show signs of life in the midst of an otherwise gloomy winter. Little did they know that the real cycle of life would return (global warming be damned) and the freezing, depressing temperatures would overtake them. And now they hang on the tree in their premature happiness, frozen, suspended in time. They dared to show their true colors, allowed life to breathe, and now they must pay the consequences for their actions. They never do learn their lesson. It happens over and over again- premature blooming, color, and happiness only to get snatched away. And so I sit, just like the leaves on the tree, frozen in time. I showed my happiness, my eagerness, and my willingness to bask in the sunshine. I was wrong to do so. I prematurely bloomed into the happiness and now I must pay the price.


  1. very nice. i mean. not nice that you are paying the price. but it's a well written analogy.

  2. y'all right?

    Do you need a friend to throw you a coat or a warm blanket?

  3. its all good. i just need to learn to keep my mouth shut more often.
    plus, i have a great new pink sweatsuit to keep me warm, right?


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