Thursday, February 02, 2006

random thoughts from a tired girl

I'm exhausted. That is all there is to it. Today I had 3 very large Diet Dr Peppers, plenty of sleep, decent calorie consumption, and yet its 10:21 pm and I can barely function. With SHOT Show looming over my head, plus the rest of my general life to contend with, I am getting very worn out. On the bright side, by this time next week I will have been in Vegas for 3 days, nearly on the right time schedule, and most of the trade show fires should be settled. I think knowing that I am this tired before we even get to the show site is killing me. Next week is going to be even more exhausting. But for all of you happy blog readers, you will be happy to learn that there will undoubtedly be lots of pictures and fun blogs from the show site.
In the meantime, I was cleaning up my hard drive today and found some random pictures. So until I have something interesting to say, enjoy the picture of my 31st birthday cake. And please note how my sister couldn't find a "3" so instead she cut an "8" in half. Clever, yes. But didn't do much to not make me feel so old.

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