Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stays in Vegas?

Sorry for the lack of posts. All I can say is one of the things "staying in Vegas" will be my evil Gateway laptop. It has crashed and burned AGAIN. Why must it do that every time I have a long business trip??
Highlights thus far- dancing with my sister in a club in Vegas, kissing Elton John, dinner in the Stratosphere, just getting to see my sister and brother in law again, and a few other things. Just how alike are my sister and me? We showed up (unplanned) in IDENTICAL dresses for dinner last night. We live on opposite sides of the country and haven't seen each other in 7 months, but we both somehow bought the same exact dress.
This trip has been a killer so far. The trade show hours are brutal, and (I guess this is a good thing) our booth has been slammed with people nonstop. The jet lag has been cruel as well. Oh and then there was this tiny hotel security incident involving someone using my room while I was gone. What did the hotel offer me after someone came in, left things on the floor, and used the bathroom (leaving behind gross evidence)? A free drink at the bar. They ask me to fill out a security report and apologize for someone breaking and entering in my room (I only thought maybe the maid was lazy), and all they offer me is a drink in the bar?! Whatever. I'm not an event planner for nothing. Paris Hilton herself will be calling to apologize to me soon after I get done complaining.
Fun pictures and further explanations to come soon (when Gateway finally fixes my laptop- AGAIN). In the meantime, all you DC friends with nothing better to do in the white out conditions- write me people! (And the rest of you can write me too!) Hardy and Ruby- thanks for the attempt at a blog war. I wish I could check in often enough to spur it on. But let it suffice to say, long live Pride and Prejudice. Long live Jane Austen. And long live all knock off books based loosely on her writings.

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