Thursday, February 23, 2006

stupid ball

I am a big believer in “he’s just not that into you” and “the ball’s in your court.” I wasn’t always so simple and accommodating. I have endured my fair share of years obsessing, stalking, whining, and pining. But somewhere in there I finally learned to stop worrying so much about it and just move on. This is easier said than done with some guys.
But it still just bugs me sometimes. When do you just let it go? When do you give them a chance to come through for you? Especially when everything has been great so far. All is going well. No signs of trouble ahead at all. But it is all still very initial and simple. And then they turn into Houdini and just vanish. Nothing. No clue as to why. You can make excuses for them- busy, weekend, work, etc. And you do know that in this case it is all true. It isn’t reaching to make those excuses for him. But if he were “into you” he would have found the time, right? If you initiate contact are you a stalker? The ball was clearly left in his court. Has he just not been back to the court lately? Cause there’s been bad weather, and maybe that kept him away from the playing field? Its possible. But if he really liked that ball a little bad weather wouldn’t have stopped him from going back to get it. Or was he looking the other direction and just didn’t see the ball drop squarely in front of him? Or is the weather just fine and the ball is being intentionally left alone in the middle of the field while he decides whether or not he wants it? Or worse, did he see the ball fall there and then just kicked it off the field?

"He's just not that into you" and the "ball is in his court" never really do work, do they?


  1. it works in that that, i think it's true for the most part.

    it doesn't work, because we are girls. and we can't really help that.

    if you *can* buy into it, it's actually very stress relieving. almost as good as yoga;)

  2. Holy Hell...I've never seen the word ball used so many times. Whoa!

  3. It's the sad truth. If the guy is really interested, he will persue.

    Unless he's a social retard.

    But still, he's going to persue.

    Nothing wrong with dropping hints, but after a while, that's not going to get you anywhere if you don't let him go.


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