Friday, February 03, 2006

What it means to be a single woman today.

Alone time takes on a whole new meaning. You spend every day alone whether you want to be or not. And then you meet someone. Someone potentially great. And you remember that you don't want to be alone, even though you have perfected the art. But then you get the chance to not be alone, and you forget all about art. Who needs art anyway? Until painfully, suddenly, obviously, you realize the truth. You have spent years acquiring a taste for art you never really wanted. You sold the art off in a heartbeat at auction. But then something close to the reverse of buyer's remorse kicks in. You wanted the money, and you wanted to be rid of the art. But you realize you didn't sell to the right buyer. So you have to buy your own art back. Hang the art back up. Maybe put it in different places. Learn to appreciate art all over again. Pretend you don't hate art as much in new frames.


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    YOU DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE! You need to improve your writing skills.

  2. AWW! I got me a new hater. Its been a while. Welcome hater. Sorry you can't relate.

  3. You know, now that you have adsense up, we should have really had the blog war... ;)

  4. i miss the blog war.

  5. MAkes perfect sense to me.
    Clearly the hater is male.

    I think it's a clever analogy.

    as much as we're trained to desire coupling, some of us get really good at being alone. when you go to bed at night, you don't even notice that it's empty but for yourself.
    don't really notice when you wake up either.

    And when you come home at the end of a long day, it's perfectly natural that no one is there to greet you.

    When you start dating someone, it's a different experience to know there is someone you can call with random wacky news.

    you break up, and settle back into alone time.

    What's the mystery hater? It's a very valid thought.

  6. Hmmm... What could we blog war about now.

    I think I'm going to hate Arrested Development!

    No. Wait. Can't Do that.

    Granite, it would be a good way to start a blog war..

  7. No, we can't blaspheme Arrested Development (RIP). Its just too good.
    We could blog war about how Jane Austen is the most insightful and accurate social commentator of all time. And how everything she ever said about men was completely true.

  8. Phhh.. Typical Female Propiganda.

  9. Typical female propoganda? Arrested isn't Typical female propoganda!

    SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

    (i heart twisting words in a blog war)


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