Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Did Anyone Else Just Fall in Love?

I love Chris Daughtry. There, I've said it. How did it take me 6 weeks of American Idol to just now notice this guy? He took the biggest chance ever tonight on "Walk the Line," but oh my... There's steam rising up off my television set. There is definately something about rockers.
I need to go take a cold shower.


  1. i've been in love with him from the git go--welcome to the club:)

  2. I posted that before the show ended. Had I made it to the end before professing my love Chris would have had to share the blog devotion with Ace. (And that adorable little Sammy last night, how cute was she? Ryan's got a new girlfriend!)
    I got in 3 votes for Chris, 1 for "Pick Pickler," and 2 for Ace last night. And an accidental one for Paris. But she was good too, so that's okay. Quite frankly, I thought everyone was amazing last night except for Chicken Little.
    Definately the best season so far. But what was Ryan Cabrera doing in the audience? Did anyone else catch all of the #3 runner-ups in the audience?

  3. DefinItely. (Not that I have a TV. I just must let you know that there is no A in definitely. It's just a thing I have.) :)

    And just judging from the picture, I'd say, sure!

  4. I love me a man with a bald head.

    I don't watch Idol, but I'll agree, he's a cutie.


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