Tuesday, March 14, 2006

HBO sucks

BostonHerald.com - Local Politics: Mormon Mitt not �Big� on HBO polygamist series

HBO has brought us some decent programming. It is no secret that I am a huge "Sex and the City" fan (the edited, cleaned-up versions on WB and TBS). I have never seen the "Sopranos" but I hear people like it. However, I can't believe they have stooped so low as to create this new series, "Big Love." It just makes me mad that they are calling up old stereotypes on something so many of us have worked so hard to shed. They have made no attempt to make the situation even close to accurate. A real polygamist family wouldn't be found living so close to mainstream, probably wouldn't be anywhere near as attractive, and most likely would live in either rural Utah or Colorado. But not hanging out in the SLC suburbs. It all just makes me mad. Why can't someone do a real movie/series/something on Mormons that is actually somewhat indicative of who we really are??
All I can say is this- with Mitt Romney running for the GOP nod, and this new series, something tells me all Mormons are in for a lot of new questions in the next year.
(Still have to admit I loved this last paragraph from the article- " “The governor doesn’t have much time to watch TV,” said his spokeswoman, Julie Teer. “But when he does he likes to watch ‘My Name is Earl,’ ‘24’ and ‘Lost.’ ”) Who doesn't love those shows??


  1. justin8:43 PM

    Actually there are a fair number of polygamists in the SLC area. One of the clans has a big spread just off the Bangerter Highway and when the weather is good you can see them playing volleyball. Evidently, polygamists like volleyball.

  2. I'm with Justin. There's actually quite a few polygamists in the Salt Lake Suburbs. They are quite well off also. (not from scamming the government)

  3. I know. I just hate that a faction we have disavowed keeps giving the rest of us a bad name. Correct me if I'm wrong. But don't most polygamists live all together? And not spread all over the valley? (like the show implies)

  4. Depends on the Clans.

    That's basically what it's come down to. The ones of Bangater hw aren't as clanish, the more south you go thou, the more clanish they become.

  5. they are all over the valley actually.


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