Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I believe in Politics and the Achenblog

NPR : I Believe In Politics


Every day I anxiously await my lunch break so I can peruse all of my friends' blogs and wait for the next edition of the Achenblog to pop up. I am convinced that Joel Achenbach is the next Dave Barry.
This post is one of my current favorites. Not because it is all that funny, even though it is funny. (Hey Sherpa- does the 'dueling banjos' on backroads sound familiar?) But because I like the NPR article he's talking about.

Expect to start seeing a lot more political posts from me. I have kept away from posting too many political rants on here knowing that my views are very different from many of my friends'. And the fact that I didn't want to alienate 68% of my readers. (Yes, I did the math. I don't know who 68% of my page hits are coming from.) But then I woke up and realized, "This is my blog. I can say whatever I want."

Friends, if you agree or disagree, you are always welcome to state your opinions. Just keep them to the point and factual, and cite credible sources. Passionate crap will be mocked as always.

I think Mark Shields' quote is the best way to officially kick off the opening season of my political rants.

"I believe in politics. In addition to being great fun, politics is basically the peaceable resolution of conflict among legitimate competing interests. I believe in the politics that wrote the GI Bill, that passed the Marshall Plan to rebuild a war-devastated Europe, that saved the Great Lakes and that through Social Security took want and terror out of old age. The kind of politics that teaches us all we owe to those who came before us and those who will come after. That each of us has drunk from wells we did not dig; that each of us has been warmed by fires we did not build."


  1. um....I thought you didn't believe in half of the things Mark does?

  2. I didn't say I liked Mark (but I do- he's got a great speaking/writing style). I just like this quote.


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