Saturday, March 18, 2006

i've heard that's hard for a guy (like it's not for a girl)

Funniest conversation this week-

Male: Growing up in the Church, we were taught that girls barely like the physical stuff. Kissing, making out, etc. They just barely put up with it. And we were given the talks of "Men are like microwaves, women are like crock pots." What I have found in the last year, and my friend in the last four years is that Mormon women are AGGRESSIVE.

Female: Some- not all- the ones that are not aggressive, are sitting at home knitting something

Male: Ok, the age group I've been dating has been. I've been mauled. I've had to tell the girl, "WHOA, back down."

Female: Poor guy. (rolling her eyes in mock sympathy)

Male: That's hard for a guy.

Female: So I've heard.

Male: I (we?) are at that time in life when both mentally, physically and psychologically, we have a deep need for that fulfillment.

Female: I'm pretty sure when the chastity commandment was handed down, no one ever expected people to make it to 30 yrs old and still be single. They just thought it was a good way to get people married younger.

Um, "Male"- don't hate me!

Blog accolades to the first person who correctly guesses who this conversational exchange employed.

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  1. ha, that could be from practically any ward in the DC area where it seems the women are far more, uhm, sophisticated than the guys. Mormon girls are fun, haha.


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