Wednesday, March 08, 2006

one other lesson learned in boston, okay maybe two

Down mattresses, blankets, and pillows may be absolutely divine to sleep on, but can cause complete misery if you discover you are allergic to them. In spite of the most comfortable bed I have ever enjoyed last night, I also had the worst night of sleep in recent memory. So tonight I am surrendering to the sweet side effects of Benadryl and hopefully sleeping in a state nearing unconsciousness. (I am sure the hotel would provide different bedding if I requested it. But please note, in spite of my overwhelming sinus pain, headache, and fever every time I enter my suite, I still think this is the most divine bed I have ever slept on. I'd rather take Benadryl than give up this perfection.)

One other lesson learned today- Boston is rather fanatic about their baseball. I understand hoping that maybe the Red Sox will defeat all odds and curses and go to the World Series again, but let's be real. THEY WON'T. But that doesn't change the fact that Fenway Park will turn down a well-paying event just on the pathetic off chance the Sox will be in the playoffs/Series and be playing a home game on the one day I want to rent a special events room out in October. (Note to self: Never roll eyes, and say, "yeah, like that's really going to happen" to a fenway rep ever again.)


  1. it always boggles my mind what people will and won't sell their space for (i.e. off chances of baseball greatness). i used to think everything was for sale. i have learned otherwise and somehow that gives me hope.

  2. Hey now, the Sox did it once, they can do it again. Of course, didn't they just trade Johnny Damon? So perhaps not. But they're very big about the Sox in Boston, yes. (You know I lived there for 3 years, right?) Too bad you're there before the beginning of baseball season--you should go to a game. However, you'd have a horrible time with all the sweaty people on a rainy day on the T on a game day.


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