Monday, March 13, 2006

rambling- give me a sec, i deserve it

I deserve to complain for a minute. Trust me. I'm sure half of Northern Virginia is suffering from severe allergies this week thanks to everything under the sun blooming at once. And while I've had some allergies in my life, I've had nothing like this ever before. I am severely congested, eyes watery, sneezing more than usual (which for anyone who has been in a room with me knows is a LOT of sneezing), and the worst sore throat ever. And then to add insult to injury, the allergy medicine I was taking was messing with my stomach, and causing me to have flu-like symptoms as well. I'm tough. I can handle it. Except that all of Arlington County lost water yesterday (and a lot of today). You try throwing up repeatedly without running water. Its not a pretty experience. Its all so bad that I've broken a blood vessel in my left eye. Who knows what it was that made that happen, but there it is, looking all nasty. Thankfully our water is back on today, except that it smells bad and isn't running clear, and there is no hot water. So we have a stack of dirty dishes, and a toilet that fills up with brownish water. Our a/c isn't turned on by maintenance yet and my little magnet thermometer thing says its over 80 degrees in here. This is the worst way to endure being sick ever. I have at least learned my lesson about having stored water and food that can be prepared without being cooked. I just wish I didn't have to learn it while I can only tolerate fluids. This sucks!!


  1. what allergy meds are you taking? Which ones made your stomach upset?

  2. The first one to not agree with me was Allegra-D. The second one to not agree with me, but at least worked, and knocked me right out, was Tylenol Severe Allergy. I have settled on the slightly less effective Claritin OTC version. Its not doing too much for me, but at least its not making me worse.

  3. I've never found much luck with Claritin. I'd rather just use sudafed (the good stuff) during the day, and benadryl at night.

    Allegra-D is evil. Allegra is better, but be sure to drink tons of water with it, and don't take it at night.

    I'm thinking about trying out zyrtec and seeing about getting back on singulair this spring (I've got another doctor's appointment next week).

    Right now I'm just using sudafed and benadryl. The sudafed won't be enough in a couple of weeks.

    Be sure to drink TONS of water (tough when your water is brown) and tea is really good for soothing your sinsuses. Also, taking a shower at night cleans off all the residue pollens on your body and helps you sleep better. Another thing that helps is a hepa air filter and changing your sheets and bedding at the minimum once a week.

  4. weird. i broke a blood vessel in my right eye on saturday. i had no idea this would be so gross looking.

    i can only empathasize with the rest though. i'm sorry you are having such a rough time of it!

  5. As I said on my blog, I've never had "allergies" before, and now, all of a sudden, I either have allergies or pink-eye. Make the itchy eyes STOP.


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