Monday, March 06, 2006

Treehouse Camping

The Treehouse Camp, Gapland, Maryland

I'm so happy. The time has finally come for me to spend some quality time with my camping gear again. I have missed it so! And I get to fulfill a little childhood dream and camp in a treehouse! What could be cooler?!?!

Sidenote: I'm off to Boston for 4 days tomorrow. Be back on Friday. May or may not have time to post while I am gone. Next week I have a trade show in Arlington, so I'll be treating it like I'm on the road. (And then I'm going treehouse camping.) The following week I'm going to be home- sort of. I'll be "hanging out" with my baby sister, who refuses to let me call it babysitting. And then the next week I'll be in Little Rock. The week after that I will be in Ft Bragg. And then I will need to take a nap. Such is the life of a frequent flyer miles queen.


  1. Kell is coming, I might be in Boston this weekend.

  2. I'm in Boston till Friday! Come play with me!


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