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top five reasons my legs are sore

1. 5.5 miles up
2. 4 miles down
3. 2 miles roundtrip to the knob
4. Slept in tiny sleeping bag
5. I'm out of shape

ten of the many reasons I will not be accessible for the next 48 hours

1. "Uh oh, she has that dumb blond look on her face again!"
2. "I dont' see what's wrong with it!"
3. "You're dead to me."
4. "Well, you said it would only cost a few dollars, but it was over $200."
5. A serious lack of three legged babies in today's Meridian column.
6. Gray cubicle walls.
7. My Blackberry.
8. Bill Bryson
9. Cat hair.
10. Because I can.

you're so vain, you probably think this post is about you

No, I'm not so vain as to randomly post pictures of myself online. I have a perfectly good reason for posting these pictures here. Someone needs pictures of me, and the attachments aren't going through. So stealing them from the blog makes the most sense. But I didn't want to bore you with old pictures of me. So I made sure they are pictures that certain friends can at least get a kick out of seeing. For instance, what is more appropriate than a picture of me having a special moment with my Blackberry at a social function? Or a picture in Amsterdam (with Tara)? Or holding my favorite little baby girl cousin? After all, what am I if not a travelling Blackberry addict with a thousand cousins?( this post will be deleted as soon I get word that the person has copied them.)

Swimsuit Season Sucks

With the big beach trip rapidly approaching, along with it comes the even more exciting swimsuit season. It is time to take out the pasty white thighs and drooping body parts and go stand in harsh department store lighting to find a swimsuit that doesn't offend the masses.
The problem with bathing suit shopping is that we all seem to think we are supposed to look like this-

(Picture stolen from an actual Ukrainian bride website)

When in reality, we all feel more like this-

As good little Mormon Girls, we were all taught to not wear 2 piece bathing suits. I forget what the reasoning was behind that, something about modesty and our bodies being temples or something like that. But somewhere after college that all changed. Suddenly it's cool to wear 2 pieces for Mormon Girls. As if somehow there was a rite of passage that says, "Now that you are old and single, you need to show more skin so you can get a man." Which cracks me up, because I think I speak for most girls who wo…

Brain Potpourri

Well, as has been made mostly obvious here on the blog, life has been a wee bit stressful again for the past while, and I've been somewhat cranky, with moments of clarity. (Hey, that is my blog name- moments of clarity.) Last week just minutes after saying you should get all info from the horse's mouth and that sometimes I need to learn to not take things so personally, I made the interesting discovery that the horse was lying to me, and yes, it was a very personal attack. And drama catapulted back in to my life. But you know what? It's all good. It really is. Sometimes having to endure a "crash and burn" means there's nothing to go back to, and that can be a good thing. No second chances and no looking back, right?

And besides, drama is just fuel for the column, book, and blog someday, right?

Seriously, men have to be crazy to date (or "not-date" as the case may be) me. Don't they realize it's all going to end up in print before too long?

In …

in the epic film about my life (or at least the last 24 hours of it) the character of __ will be played by __

In order to protect the innocent, which is me, I can't tell you all of the characters in the movie about my life. But I can tell you who would best portray them! And I can't tell you the plot either, because then you'd have no reason to come see my movie.

But here are a few fun teasers.

I will be played by Janel Moloney because I think she rocks, and she has better hair than me.

The second most important character, the man who can't lead, will be played by Jude Law. Chosen for many reasons, including similar looks, "AI," "Alfie." and how he treated Sienna Miller.

A very main character, who only gets a very small but crucial part, will be Jaime Pressly also known as Joy from "My Name is Earl." (a classy name for a classy lady) I'm pleading the Fifth on why.

Fabulous Girlfriend #1 (who will offer to do the assassination) will be played by Janeane Garafalo chosen for her quick wit and excellent choices in eyewear.

Fabulous Girlfriend #2 who wil…
Ten years from now if I am asked about the last 24 hours of my life, there are a lot of things that could be said about it. There was a lot of sadness, hurt, confusion, pain, misunderstandings, and happiness. Yes, happiness. At the end of this very awful and hard day the thing I will remember that my girlfriends were there for me. And that when I needed them the most, they were willing to take the time just to let me be. No one questioned me, they all loved me, and all took time out of their days to just to entertain me and make me smile And quite frankly, they all deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for what they pulled off today.

Best one-liners today-
I can kill with my thumbs you know. Say thw word and I'll set it up!
And I'm thinking, "I hope they send Mulder."
You're an anarchist!
What would L Ron Hubbard say about that?

More to come....

the great weight update and a few little answers

First, thanks for the nice emails and understanding comments about my last post. I found a few small little answers that have helped me considerably. 1- always get your info from the horse's mouth. Well meaning friends can love you and still have bad intel. 2- Don't take it personally. Things happen and while it may affect you personally, it wasn't done to hurt you personally. And for now those two little pearls of wisdom are really helping me out.

Second, the great weight update. I'm down a net 8. It is 10 pm and I have just weighed myself, and I am at my lowest weight in over a year. So I'm a pretty happy camper right now. Only 12 left to go. (Um, Jules- remember that deal we made today? We need to rediscuss.)

Third, I saw something that just warmed my heart today. I was out for a run and decided to stop and get a manicure at a salon I've never been to before. At that moment I was still in a terrible stinky mood, having not yet had a few revelat…

i'm not good at mad

Sincerity is my new goal, right?
How do you sincerely explain how angry you are? How mad you are? How tired you are of playing the part of the good sport? How tired you are of pretending people don't hurt your feelings? Or making it clear you can't handle "just one more thing?"
I just don't know how to do it. I'm just so tired of it all. It's been building up for so long, and I vent it out (usually here) just long enough to re-group and buck up and take the next round of crap.
What do you do when you know you deserve better, but you just don't have it in you to fight for more because you just can't handle the rejection? You've had to put up with enough that the thought of getting rejected when you stand up for yourself is just too much?
What do you do when you've just reached the end? How do you make people start taking you seriously? And do it without getting so mad and frustrated that you just explode at them first?

Happy Birthday Baby Sisty Ugler


Hello Gas Prices

The time has finally come to give in and buy a new car. The only reason I have put it off as long as I have is that I love not having a car payment. But now that car payments have turned into car repairs, and the cost of gas is skyrocketing again, it's time to just face the music. My current beast gets 18 mpg on a good day, and the a/c is shot, so I'm hoping that by getting a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle, I will save something on gas, and therefore be able to afford more in a car payment. (For you non-DC people, gas here is hovering around $3/gal.) I drive 52 miles roundtrip to work each day, and I'm spending about $300/mo on gas.

So here's the deal. I suck at negotiating and I know little about cars. So if you are so inclined- help a girl out! I need advice and suggestions on cars. My only requirements are - affordable, fuel efficient, and it has to be American made. Currently I am considering a Pontiac Vibe, Chevy Malibu, Ford Escape hybrid, and any Saturn. Do…

and counting...

In January of 2005 my grandfather set a goal to give away one copy of the Book of Mormon a week. He successfully exceeded his goal, and gave away over 300 copies in 2005. Since the start of 2006 he has given away 178 copies, bringing his grand total to 589. He has singlehandedly given out more copies than the entire West Virginia Charleston Mission (where he resides) combined. One 86 yr old man vs. an entire mission of 19 yr old boys. I love it. Go Pompa!

Achenblog: Daily Humor and Observations from Joel Achenbach

Achenblog: Daily Humor and Observations from Joel Achenbach
just one of the many reasons this guy rocks!

Happy Easter and Other Things

First and foremost, happy Easter everyone. Easter seems like a good time for new resolutions, doesn't it? Even more so than New Years maybe. After all, it is Easter that gives us repentance and the chance to "rise again" and try again.
Why am I thinking about new resolutions and starting over? Read on.
I don't know why it happens, but I have a few theories. And I don't have a good explanation for it either. But even as I type this, I am committing it.
Somewhere, somehow I've stopped experiencing things as they are, I've stopped learning about my friends from experience, and I'm no longer allowing others to learn about me from experience. I have my theories as to why it happens, starting with heartbreaks and determinedly wanting to not hide baggage. The other theory includes the informal mediums of communication, such as emails and im's, and sharing missing context. We've stopped experiencing people and just started telling people who we are. We…

And that's all I have to say about that

I took horseback riding lessons for years. I spent my summers at riding camps and mucking stalls and tacking horses. And the rest of my time wishing for a horse. But my "little sisty ugler" was terrified of horses after a small incident involving a horse, traction, and a year in a wheelchair. No one ever bought me a pony.
But they did give me a brother and sister 12 and 14 years younger than me.
And the baby sisty ugler, aka "Little Princess," loves horses. She loves horses more than I ever did. And she's been begging for one since she was old enough to form a sentence. She turns 17 this week. Guess what she got for her birthday?
You know what I got for my 17th birthday? Me neither. It wasn't that great whatever it was.
But Ruby G has offered me the following condolence gift-

There is a bright side to all of this. As my mother pointed out, the *family* (yeah right) now owns a horse, and that means I can drive down there and ride it whenever I want to (and when…

Tithing Rewards Both Spiritual and Financial
This article has left me speechless. I'm truly blown away by the writer's description of tithing. "Tithing, an ancient practice described in the Bible..." Um, WHAT? An ancient practice? No, tithing is NOT an ancient practice. Let's describe it just a little bit better. Tithing was a commandment from the Old Testament (Genesis 14:20, Genesis 28:22, Leviticus 27:30, Numbers 18:26, Deuteronomy 14:22, and more) and the New Testament (Matthew 23:23, Luke 18:12, and more), and for us Mormons, the Doctrine and Covenants also includes it (D&C 64:23, D&C 85:3, D&C 97:12, D&C 119:4, and more). Only once in this 3 page article about tithing, does the writer mention the Bible, which just makes me cringe. And yet, it didn't quoe a scripture actually about tithing.

I think it is wonderful that so many churches in PG County do practice tithing. What I find nearly disg…

Nap or a Pedicure? It's so hard to choose sometimes.

There has been no blogging of late because Erin is in dire need of a nap. Between Sunday meetings, FHE, friends, planning very large upcoming activities, balancing 2 big meetings at work, a misunderstanding with a person of interest, writing the
column, planning Easter Dinner, Duck Beach details, clearing up the misunderstanding, learning from past mistakes, and some other things I'm too tired to remember, the blog has been neglected.

But these lovely ladies (men- I'm referring to the shoes) did arrive today and have given me the energy to go get a pedicure this afternoon. (So happy that pretty shoe and toe season is back!) And since the nail spa is next to Jiffy Lube, my car just might get treated nicely today too.

Progressive Rut

Do you ever feel like you don't get to think enough? Use the analytical parts of your brain enough? Or that you play a trivial role in the universe? Or that you are just stuck in a non-progressive rut?
I can't shake this feeling lately like I'm just a nut, not even a bolt, in the big machine of life. I just do my little part, and will likely not leave an imprint on the earth when I am gone. I'm not a big fan of this feeling. I used to feel like I was involved and that I played a part in improving the world. Where did that girl go?
I used to be a smart girl with an analytical mind that met interesting people. Now, I fill out paperwork, play the role of 9-5, pay bills, and eat dinner out. I try to do "intelligent" things, such as read Newsweek and Time, rather than People, or buy biographies and Shakespeare rather than Nora Roberts. But what is the point of information gathering if it is stuck in your head? What is knowledge if it is not imparted or used wisely? …

time to talk about something more important, like West Wing

In just a few short weeks the best show ever on television will be coming to an end. "The West Wing" has been the one show I have watched religiously ever since the very first episode. In honor of it's pending death, I thought it would only be appropriate to give it a 21- quote trivia salute. Some are obviously much easier than others. Feel free to add your favorite quotes and post your answers below.

1. President Josiah Bartlet: Congratulations. So, who is da man on this one?
GUESS: I think this time we're collectively da men, sir.

2. GUESS: When you flirt with me, are you doing it to get a story?

3. GUESS: Hon, is this like nerd hot talk?

4. GUESS: Mr. President, if you could also see your way clear to not answering that question like an economics professor with a big old stick up his butt, that would be good too.

5. GUESS: If you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for red lights.

6. GUESS: Can I just say something for the future? *I* can sign the president's …

Open Pandora's Box, Prepare for Backlash

Yesterday I got an email that truly stunned me. A guy I'll call Zot (not even pretending to cover his identity) sent me an email asking me not to advertise the unofficial Thursday dinner club on the McLean Singles listserve. His reason? Too many "old people" are showing up at "his" dinner since I started sharing the info. I pointed out that since I started posting the info on my list about 10 people have started attending the dinner. And only one time did any "old" people show up. His response? He liked the dinner better when only 6 people showed up. At this point I brought in "Parley" (again, not hiding anything here) on this discussion. After all, according to Parley, it's his activity and his listserve. But if you ever talk to Parley about it, he's reather communal about such things, and all things belong to all people.
I was sure to tell Zot that I had no intention of stopping my advertising, but I would be happy to p…

You Drive Me Craaaa-zy

Two posts in one night, clearly I must be bored in a hotel room with nothing else to do!

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't followed up on some of my recent rants on the men (or lack thereof) in my life. That would mostly be because it turns out that 3 of the 4 guys I posted about recently, that I didn't think read this, all do in fact read this. Making it rather complicated to talk about them too openly.

But I can talk about them in obtuse reference!

Here's my thing right now. There is one guy that sends all the right signals, makes me feel great, and well, is close to my kind of perfect. That is, he's all those things when he's around. He's just not around enough. Which is why there is still so much room for other guys these days. The next guy is so afraid of commitment it's funny. A friend recently described it as the "rubberband effect." And that truly defines this guy. Every time I start to pull away, he comes zoomi…

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Last week there were plenty of "signs" I was in Little Rock.

I have this funny feeling that my week in Ft Bragg won't be too different. There are never enough trade shows in Hawaii, ya know?

(Seriously, "please flush frequently?" What kind of people stay in this hotel that they had to put up that sign (at eye level no less)??)

Hello? It's for You, And It's Time To Say Goodbye

Is a Phone a Weapon or a Right?

You know it's only a matter of time before I start working at the National Cellphone Association. After all, someone has to defend our right to carry a phone.

Johari's Window

The crowning moment of my college career was a paper I wrote on Johari's windows. Of course, my college paper explained and discussed them much better than wikipedia. They are widely used in therapy, but probably not with the patient's knowledge. It is a good way to measure a patient's success in accepting their surroundings and flaws.
Today I found this website where you can create your own Johari's window with contributions from friends. It's an interesting concept, although conceptually flawed. But then again, a Communication Major probably isn't going to agree with a simplified version of a Johari's window.
So feel free to fill in the little boxes and contribute to my "arena" and "blind spot."
If nothing else, it's a fun way to kill time on the semi-annual "Mormon Girls Can't Get a Date Night." (The mormon girls will get this, no one else probably will.)

I Need a Trunk Monkey

Trunk Monkey Rocks

Do you know that the Trunk Monkey makes house calls? Tonight when I arrived for my house/babysitting duties at my parents' house I saw 4 teenage "men" walking into the house. I recognized at least one of them, and he was carrying a pizza, so I wasn't too concerned. It was when he spotted me and went running for the door that I had a reason to get a little concerned. But once he realized it was "just me" I was allowed into the house, and the other "men" came out of hiding. And that is when it hit me that at least 4 guys were in the house, and none of them were my brother. Hmm... They all promised he was on his way.

So I started looking for my sister. One of the guys ever so kindly pointed out that he had been there for 20 minutes and he hadn't seen her yet. (Good to know teenage boys not related to me were left alone in this house unmonitored.) So I started calling her phone, etc., attempting to find her. My brother showed up …