Monday, April 17, 2006

and counting...

In January of 2005 my grandfather set a goal to give away one copy of the Book of Mormon a week. He successfully exceeded his goal, and gave away over 300 copies in 2005. Since the start of 2006 he has given away 178 copies, bringing his grand total to 589. He has singlehandedly given out more copies than the entire West Virginia Charleston Mission (where he resides) combined. One 86 yr old man vs. an entire mission of 19 yr old boys. I love it. Go Pompa!


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    What is your point? It is all about the number. His goal was to give out the copies of Book of Mormon, good for him but it doesn't mean anything. It is in Lord's hands, not your grandfather.

    P.S. Humble

  2. I can't be happy for him and for the people he is sharing the gospel with? It's a fun fact, something interesting, and someone I love. I can't share that with my friends?
    And you're not as anonymous as you may think.


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