Saturday, April 15, 2006

And that's all I have to say about that

I took horseback riding lessons for years. I spent my summers at riding camps and mucking stalls and tacking horses. And the rest of my time wishing for a horse. But my "little sisty ugler" was terrified of horses after a small incident involving a horse, traction, and a year in a wheelchair. No one ever bought me a pony.
But they did give me a brother and sister 12 and 14 years younger than me.
And the baby sisty ugler, aka "Little Princess," loves horses. She loves horses more than I ever did. And she's been begging for one since she was old enough to form a sentence. She turns 17 this week. Guess what she got for her birthday?
You know what I got for my 17th birthday? Me neither. It wasn't that great whatever it was.
But Ruby G has offered me the following condolence gift-

There is a bright side to all of this. As my mother pointed out, the *family* (yeah right) now owns a horse, and that means I can drive down there and ride it whenever I want to (and when my sister isn't already on it). So, anyone up for a trail ride?


  1. I was that same girl, except that I grew up on a farm with 12 horses. Come visit me when I go home sometime. :) You wanna know the irony? I'm deathly allergic to horses. So despite my love for them, I wasn't allowed to muck out stalls or do any of the saddling most of the time, because I had to save all my "horse-time" for training and riding. Otherwise, I'd be knocked out before even getting on their backs.

    My dream, much like your longing for a pony, was a longing for allergy shots. Thankfully, that dream is coming true this year. Perhaps in a few years I might be able to buy my own horse.

  2. I'd love to ride with you some day! It's a date!

    Oh and our new *pet's* name is Streaker. (Decorated Streak was his racing name.)

  3. I like it. Makes me think of Bullet, our Arabian. You know, like Silver, only the other half. :) When we first got him, he was an eight year old stallion, so having him gelded didn't really take the fire out of him when he ran (though thankfully it made him stop biting people) (well, mostly. some people were just stupid and deserved it).


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