Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brain Potpourri

Well, as has been made mostly obvious here on the blog, life has been a wee bit stressful again for the past while, and I've been somewhat cranky, with moments of clarity. (Hey, that is my blog name- moments of clarity.) Last week just minutes after saying you should get all info from the horse's mouth and that sometimes I need to learn to not take things so personally, I made the interesting discovery that the horse was lying to me, and yes, it was a very personal attack. And drama catapulted back in to my life. But you know what? It's all good. It really is. Sometimes having to endure a "crash and burn" means there's nothing to go back to, and that can be a good thing. No second chances and no looking back, right?

And besides, drama is just fuel for the column, book, and blog someday, right?

Seriously, men have to be crazy to date (or "not-date" as the case may be) me. Don't they realize it's all going to end up in print before too long?

In other events, let me offer this little piece of advice. If you have a migraine, and you take a Xanax for it, don't read a book about a bear chase before falling into a Xanax induced nap. You might end up dreaming that a bear is chasing you, but you are too drugged/tired to run away, so you just fall asleep on a log and let the bear chew on your leg till you wake up. It's not a good thing. (But on the brightside, and there is always a brightside, the migraine hasn't come back since that 4 hour Xanax induced nap. And no more vertigo either. So next time, I suck up the pride and take the Xanax sooner.)

In even better news, the first hike/camp of the season is this weekend. YEEHAW!!!

And another bright side in all of the drama- it's made me lose more weight. So I'm down a net 12. Yeah baby!

(Stacer, is it "brightside" or "bright side?")

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  1. Bright side. Two words. :)

    (It's a common thing in English, though, for common phrases to go from two words, to hyphenated, to one. Goodbye, for example, was "God be with you," which became "Good bye," which became "Good-bye," which is now generally "Goodbye" (if the hyphen doesn't win out.)


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