Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Need a Trunk Monkey

Trunk Monkey Rocks

Do you know that the Trunk Monkey makes house calls? Tonight when I arrived for my house/babysitting duties at my parents' house I saw 4 teenage "men" walking into the house. I recognized at least one of them, and he was carrying a pizza, so I wasn't too concerned. It was when he spotted me and went running for the door that I had a reason to get a little concerned. But once he realized it was "just me" I was allowed into the house, and the other "men" came out of hiding. And that is when it hit me that at least 4 guys were in the house, and none of them were my brother. Hmm... They all promised he was on his way.

So I started looking for my sister. One of the guys ever so kindly pointed out that he had been there for 20 minutes and he hadn't seen her yet. (Good to know teenage boys not related to me were left alone in this house unmonitored.) So I started calling her phone, etc., attempting to find her. My brother showed up shortly thereafter, with no clue as to where his sister was, but anxious to find his XBox. I went downstairs, (after hearing someone yell "Oh my gosh! Your dog is bald! What happened?!" just to find it was the chihuahua- he's always looked like that) and found 6 guys, 1 girl, 4 pizzas, and 24 Mountain Dews in the basement. And then I accidentally let the dogs run out of the house. Did I mention it was after midnight? This would be the ideal time for my parents to call and check in naturally. Let's just say they were less than pleased with the household affairs (and they didn't even know about the dogs).

Right about this point it hits me that I really could use a
Trunk Monkey. So I pushed the magic trunk monkey button and would you believe it? Suddenly we found my sister asleep in the guest bedroom and all of the teenagers got bored and left. (thank you Trunk Monkey for hiding the XBox)

Trunk Monkeys are the best! (And I swear I'm never house/baby sitting again.)

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