Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nap or a Pedicure? It's so hard to choose sometimes.

There has been no blogging of late because Erin is in dire need of a nap. Between Sunday meetings, FHE, friends, planning very large upcoming activities, balancing 2 big meetings at work, a misunderstanding with a person of interest, writing the
column, planning Easter Dinner, Duck Beach details, clearing up the misunderstanding, learning from past mistakes, and some other things I'm too tired to remember, the blog has been neglected.

But these lovely ladies (men- I'm referring to the shoes) did arrive today and have given me the energy to go get a pedicure this afternoon. (So happy that pretty shoe and toe season is back!) And since the nail spa is next to Jiffy Lube, my car just might get treated nicely today too.


  1. I love them! I need more information!

  2. and they are called Napoli's by Sofft. And I love them.

  3. those are great shoes


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